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    I play the bass so I flip over music. I love words, I might not talk much in the party but I'm listening. (and some times I've been known to come out of my shell). I write but the topics arent easy. I work with high-risk youth and tell them H.ang O.n P.ain E.nds. and that yes, life sucks and sometimes it sucks the big one but I will be there anytime and anywhere. They are my passion. They are not perfect but they are super incredible
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  1. I've known @KSIxROMEO 7 for 1.5 years now and I actually had the privilege of him recruiting me. He has been my trainer and my mentor since day one in KSI. Even as Div lead he has time to come back and check on each and every one of his members. He still recruits on a regular basis. He clears recruits on a regular basis. He does squad meetings on a regular basis. He does GEN meetings on a regular basis. He does sevens meetings on a regular basis. He trains new officers on a regular basis. He host gamenights on a regular basis. He post on Discord on a regular basis. He does promotions on a regular basis. He does witness statements for awards on a regular basis. He does officer meetings on a regular basis. In other words he never uses his title as Div lead to get OUT of work but is the ultimate example of going above and beyond for his division. He never hesitates to fill in wherever the need is. He also makes each and every member of a 400+ Div feel important no matter if they have rank or not. Member retention is very important to him. He has also played a vital role in keeping each and every member of DM safe from TSB. Never putting the responsibility off on the officers but being very concerned and involved in the process. Please believe me when I say that this witness statement just barely touches on everything that Romeo does for his Div. He definitely deserves this award.
  2. Positivity is such a tricky thing. I'm learning that it doesn't mean you ignore the hard things going on in life and act as if they are not happening. That will catch up to you and drag you down eventually. It's more about "embracing the suck" that is going on in your life and looking for whatever good is hidden inside it. If you can learn this art and practice it daily then you can help others by teaching them to do the same. In other words, positive coping skill instead of denial that there is bad things that happen. Thanks Kami for reminding us to BE what we would like others to be instead of just whining about them not being it. It can only start with ourselves and a good introspection which is exactly what your post has prompted me to do. Excellent, my friend
  3. Thank you so very very much to all that have accepted this challenge.
  4. Division: DM  Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl
  5. Division: DM  Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl
  6. My thoughts are with you and your community as you all start down the path of healing. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[BIG HUG]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  7. So, my heart is going out to the families who are suffering loss because of the mass shootings this past weekend. This is not in anyway to be a political post so please refrain from comments that could turn it into that. I simply am asking that 31 members, in memory of the 31 who lost there lives due to a horrific act of BAD, do a random GOOD deed. Nothing great big, just a well placed hug, or message to someone who could use it. Feed someone who might be hungry, hold someone who may need a shoulder. There are way too many mean people in the world. I challenge you to be ONE of the nice Wouldn't it be incredible to see the heart of KSI in random places all over this world. Thank you
  8. Very well said. There is so much more to KSI then just clan ops. Don't get me wrong, clan ops is important because we always need to work on and heal the moral whenever possible. But like you said "At the end of the day it’s all about time management and making sure you are giving everyone the same attention." Great advice
  9. @KSI xKamikaze I am so glad I have somehow gotten the opportunity to become your friend in this great big KSI Fam. You have an awesome heart and it just keeps showing in everything you do for this community. You have reached out and been there for me personally so i know the words you wrote above are not empty words. Thank you so very much for being you. Always remember and don't ever forget I'm here for you if you ever need a friend to help you see the positives. Even though you are so incredible at seeing the positives all on your own and will probably never need me, I am here for you.
  10. I have to say ours is the horror genre. Not slasher but more psychological thrillers. Especially the ones that are unpredictable. You know the ones where everyone in the room says "didn't see that coming ".
  11. Started last night with slumber party with family and friends, food and fireworks and will keep going till late in the night tonight. I also spend quite a bit of time on phone with combat vets who have a really hard time with all the sounds of the fireworks at this time of year. Please, if you have a combat vet in your family and they do not seem anxious to celebrate or be part of the festivities I ask you to respect this and let them deal with the holiday in privacy if they need to. They have already sacrificed so much for us and their is no just "getting over it" with what they have been through for our great country. Thanks and have an incredible 4th and please stay safe.
  12. No rest for the best DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM, DM,
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