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  1. KSI reminds me of a new relationship. At first you go through that honeymoon phase and everything is great and incredible. Can't see faults or nothing irritates you because it's so awesome to finely find like minded and caring gamers. BUT, we all know the honeymoon phase ends in a relationship and in KSI. All of a sudden the way our partner squeezes the toothpaste starts aggravating us. And when our partner doesn't quite have the energy to focus all their attention on us, we start to wonder if we made the right choice. Same in KSI, if someone doesn't answer us or give us the correct attention we start doubting the decision we made to be a KSI member. We start entertaining the idea of quitting and moving on. That is a lot to put on one person. Yes you might have one person that influences you and teaches you the most but I would encourage you to reach out and get ahold of some of these incredible volunteers in here and elsewhere throughout KSI and get your one on one from them also. We are a community with incredible talents hidden throughout not just in one person or area. Like Kami said "many" have contributed to his learning and striving in KSI. Even in a relationship you would be encouraged to go out with your friends once in awhile and not fully rely on your partner. I'm really hoping this makes some sort of sense. If you find yourself isolating and wondering if you should just give up on KSI, I encourage you to please reachout to myself or anyone that has taken time to comment here. Yes, its going to take effort to do what I'm asking you to do, but believe me, it will take more effort to start all over again if you leave. Just like leaving a partnership just because of the toothpaste, is it really worth starting the dating game all over again. So come on, no matter what it is, reach out to us or someone. Your worth it and KSI is worth it.
  2. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Scorpion0017/ CPL/ DM/Sinister Link to forums account - @Scorpion0017 Reasoning why they deserve this - For 3 years this member has been a vital part in KSI. He is so good at 1. reaching out to members, old and new 2. Helping members with there gaming accomplishments constantly and 3. Well known around the squad in such a positive light, that when I joined, I was so scared to meet him because I thought for sure he was a part of "the cool kids table". So much so, that 2 years later into my KSI experince this is still a running joke. He is very upbeat and positive in every gamenight or party he attends. He supports the officers no matter what squad he is in. When we divided Venom, Joe wanted him in Sinister, and I wanted him to stay in Venom. We (Joe and myself) went round and round. I did not want to lose such a powerful presence in Venom. Needless to say I lost, come on it was Joe 7 lol, and he went to Sinister with Joe and has been a valuable asset to that squad in helping all the old and newest members fit in and understand the inner workings of the squad. The biggest reason he deserves this award is he continues to do the above stated for 3 years without ever having had the recognition or thank you that he very, very much deserves. This is evidence that he does it all for the members and not himself.
  3. Name: KSIDntAskImAwfl Link to Forums Account: @KSIdontask Award-/-Achievement: 2020 Donor Reason-/evidence I cant provide photo of pay pal donation. I'm allowed 0MB. I dont know who to contact.
  4. I strongly believe the most wasted natural resource on the planet is all the people that hold back from becoming what they are meant to be because they do not realize their potential and self worth. Js

  5. I'll hold your hand and I'll be the light in the dark of this danger till the sun comes up


  6. I just reread your "Why" post and it was as incredible today as it was then. Heres hoping you got a console and that 2020 is kick a^^ for you. You deserve it

  7. It's all about creating magic for others.
  8. Congrats on your newest awards. Keep up the momentum :89_clap:

  9. So many people with so many "Safe Rooms"...and it's no wonder. [[[[[[[[[[[BIG HUG]]]]]]]]]]]]


  10. Have you ever wanted to crawl out of your own skin and be someone entirely diff

     Is there an app for that

  11. One of the most beautiful performances I've ever seen


  12. I DARE YOU


  13. I've been listening to one tune ALL day. Then I click on your post I really think the universe is thinking I should get a hint. Lmao
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