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    I play the bass so I flip over music. I love words, I might not talk much in the party but I'm listening. (and some times I've been known to come out of my shell). I write but the topics arent easy. I work with high-risk youth and tell them H.ang O.n P.ain E.nds. and that yes, life sucks and sometimes it sucks the big one but I will be there anytime and anywhere. They are my passion. They are not perfect but they are super incredible
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  1. We never know what the person who is making us angry in the check out line or driving in front of us may be going through. This world could use more patient and loving people, especially when it comes to others around us. Stop and think next time, and even look at their face and in their eyes to their heart.  Maybe, just maybe, they need a kind word or hug. Just a thought.


  2. I just might need this reminder today and the next few. It's a good motivator 


  3. If you are attending or if you could attend comic con 2020 what character would you be? I'm Very Interested Have fun!!!! Me = Kim Possible???
  4. I play Violin, Piano, ukulele and drums. But one day I picked up the bass to fill in for a friend who found himself injured and unable to travel with his band. After one month of playing bass as fill in for him, and his return not looking good at all, I became the bands perm bass player and fell madly and totally in love with the instrument. When I played other instruments I could feel the music and jam but, damn, nothing like how I feel that bass. It's pure ecstasy as your fingers dance across those strings. My fav, hands down.
  5. Purchased 100$ xbox digital card and gave code to member who wanted a couple games
  6. The heart surgeon who performed surgery on Jimmy Kimmels son, Dr. Vaughn A. Starnes also performed 2 life saving heart surgeries on my first son.
  7. Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl Link: @KSIdontask Award: Three Cheers / Marine Support Reason: I have 37 awards at this time
  8. My apologies but I already have these. My bad. @Airborne
  9. Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl Link: @KSIdontask Award: Approachable Reason: I have won the day 7 times
  10. Name: KSIDntAskImAwfl Link to Forums Account: @KSIdontask Award-/-Achievement: Forums Newb Forums Rookie Reason-/-Evidence: I have 625 posts on the forums.
  11. Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl Link: @KSIdontask Award: Friendly & Good Karma Reason: I have won the day 7 times and have a rep of 121
  12. Messaged member that I hadn't seen recently to say hey and i missed them
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