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WW: Apex Legends Custom Trios BR 3/4/23

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General Rules and Regs:

  • All weekend warfares are open to everyone regardless of whether they are in the community or not.
  • Late sign-ups will not be admitted.
  • Proxy posts must be approved before hand by department heads/Senior Staff. (KSI Akame 7, KSI Atom 7 / KSI Sub 7)
  • Tardiness will be grounds for disqualification.
  • T&E rulings are final unless the Co-Head, Head or CDM feel a ruling should be changed or new information/evidence is presented to rightfully alter the ruling.
  • All KSI Events must be played with a controller and not keyboard and mouse.
  • The event will have a meeting 30 minutes prior to the event, all members who sign up must be available for the meeting to go over the event rules.

Apex Legends Rules and Regs:

  • This tournament will be an online Custom Lobby.
  • This Event will start promptly at 7pm EST with sign ups closing 2 hours prior to the eventy start time (5pm EST).
  • Team Captains are required to do the following:
  • All Team Captains must have the T&E hosts added as a friend.
  • Any further rules will be announced at the captains meeting prior to the event starting


Captain's GT:
Division (if applicable):

Teammate 1 GT:
Division (if applicable):

Teammate 2 GT:
Division (if applicable):

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  • 2 weeks later...

Captain's GT: KSI StarFire 
Division (if applicable): WD

Teammate 1 GT: HellsGamer21
Division (if applicable): WD

Teammate 2 GT: ShadoWolf
Division (if applicable): WD


Alt: Mamatank

Division: WD

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Captain's GT: KSI Bubbles2

Division (if applicable): Eternal souls 


Teammate 1 GT: Torageda

Division (if applicable): none


Teammate 2 GT: N8iveshaydon

Division (if applicable): none

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