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  1. Casual or Competitive?

    Causal gamer on cod...... competitive on fighting games
  2. Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2 Or Ghost?

    Black ops and black ops2
  3. Favorite Bethesda Game?

    Skyrim for me so addictive
  4. Favorite Sniper Of COD

    Dsr indeed
  5. KSI Tax Day Challenge

  6. follow the buzzards....

  7. Count to a Million

  8. KSI Drunk Gamers

    Application: Gamertag:Ksi wesker 7 Age (If under 21 do not apply):25 Favorite Games:cod ,ssf4,umvc3,sxt Beer and/or Drink of Choice:vodka and 211 When you go to the bar, what is the one drink you will order by the end of the night without fail?:bud light Why you should be in the KSI Drunk Gamers:because i would like to meet new peoples In a scale of "Eating hair and pooping out a wig" and "Hugh Jackman's chest hair in The Wolverine" how sexy are you?: Im okay looking lol

    Happy Valentine's day to everyone in ksi
  10. Hardcore Metal fans?

    I like dark funeral slipknot devios rose funeral ffdp slayer cradle of filth dimmu borgir deicide dir en grey nega lynch the Gazette
  11. Favorite Stand Up Comedians

    Ron white
  12. Good or Evil?

    Evil yes evil for life. Wesker is evil, hazama is evil
  13. Battlefield or Call of Duty

    I have battlefield 4 awesome game