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    Deadmau5,daft punk,skrillex,ukf,family guy,halo,spongebob,……REMMEMBER KSI LEGACY LS I SHALL NEVER FORGET IT
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  1. I missed being in my old squad ksi legacy ls

  2. I missed being in my old squad ksi legacy ls

  3. going to 343 industries hq

    Sorry this topic is crappy I'm in a rush
  4. going to 343 industries hq

    By tickets I mean plane first class plane tickets
  5. going to 343 industries hq

    Congratulations! I have been able to convince 343 industries about ksi getting sponsored. They have given me tickets to washington,DC 343 indutries HQ next week to talk about ksi getting. So I have to do this quik because they don't have a lot of time to talk about this so wish me luck guys later I wont be on ksiforums for a long time later you.If I do get on ksiforums I will let you know -ksi evilmau5
  6. Getting sponsored

    I am trying to convince 343 industries to get KSI sponsored as soon as HALO 4 releases their very first commercial it is going to be all over the U.S.A ,U.K. , and CANADA .Because everyone knows ksi satrted when halo 2 came out for the orginal xbox and this is where you guys help me I need you guys to comment and message me about ksi getting sponsored. I need at least 180 ksi members to help and support me if I reach 180 members there will be a chance ksi will be sponsored
  7. Mobile website

    I am truely sorry about how I mispelled members sorry
  8. Mobile website

    Okay here is what I was thinking if there could be ksiforums.org mobile website. The reason why I thought of this idea is because there are many ksi members without a laptop or computer and they only have a phone.The only way they get in contact with other membwrs is through xbox and to me in my opinion that sucks because not all the time they are going to be online.I am positively sure there is an approximately 87% of ksi members with a laptop or computer but what about the other 13% they need to sign up to but how without a mobile website.
  9. ksi legacy ls ss sgt

  10. ksi legacy ls ss sgt

  11. anyone wanna donate microsoft points 2 me?!?!XD