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  1. I are would not be crazy @~@

  2. Life's finally settling down...

  3. Will be returning this year, when exactly, I couldn't say, but expect to see me back 2013!! 8D

    1. KSI Inferno7
    2. Tempest :geek:

      Tempest :geek:

      That much waits to be seen, at the very least, GZ. The only thing for sure at the moment is I'm commin' back to KSI XD

  4. Will be returning this year, when exactly, I couldn't say, but expect to see me back 2013!! 8D

  5. Will be returning this year, when exactly, I couldn't say, but expect to see me again back 2013!! 8D

  6. Name: KSI Tempest, 1st Captain of Solace GZ Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/index.php?/user/26-tempest-geek/ Award-/-Achievement: 1 Year Anniversary, Committed Reason-/-Evidence: 1 Year Anniversary: Created forums account on September 27, 2011. Committed: Joined KSI on April 23, 2011, changed gamertag to KSI Tempest on April 24, 2011.
  7. I can attest to it. I remember playin' a number of Division Vs Division matches against her well over a year ago when I was still in SH (most notably, one particular infection game where I kept getting blamed for using an aim bot XD).
  8. ‎"Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid." ~Albert Einstein

    1. Bolt Action

      Bolt Action

      One of my favorite quotes I love how most people read it and go "that doesn't make sense" lol

  9. I can testify for Sage for most all of these awards. Member Assistance: I have witnessed him helping out so many people both in and out of his Division. There's no limit to what he won't try to help his fellow KSI members. Outstanding Service: To kinda tag along with my Member Assistance note, Sage constantly does whatevers needed to assist everyone around him. From the lower ranks of any division to helping out the directors when he sees 'em struggling, I've watched him give more of his time and energy to making KSI the best it can be. Trainer: I think it's more or less a given for anyone who's made it to Founder. But I can attest to him having trained well more then 30 people within GZ during his service in the division.
  10. Name: KSI Tempest Link to Forums Account:http://www.ksiforums...ser/26-tempest/ Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service and Member Assistance Reason-/-Evidence: During my time in KSI, I have assisted a number of members (more then I can keep track of) with issues, questions, and workloads regarding subjects both in and out of KSI. I have never held onto any hope of ranking past General due to obligations in my personal life preventing me from taking any senior position and so have dedicated myself to assisting all those around me in there own advancement. Some of these include KSI RIKU 187, KSI iLLuSiioN 7, and KSI N1NJA 7. During my tenure I have given approximately $300 in the form of Microsoft Point Cards, XBL Gold Cards, and Xbox accessories (i.e. Headsets, Games, Controllers) to fellow KSI members. This does not include any donations directly to KSI. Bro Dragon (Gamertag: Divine DRAGON), KSI Ducen, KSI DroWzyy, KSI RIKU 187 in addition to many others can all attest to this. Whether or not these get approved, I wish to thank you in advance for your consideration.
  11. SENIOR DIRECTOR OF THE MONTH: KSI CHAOS 7 (Do I really need to elaborate on this one?) DIRECTOR OF THE MONTH: KSI JIGGY 7 (Managing some of the top divisions in KSI ain't easy but this guy is doing it like it's a walk in the park) CO-DIV OF THE MONTH: KSI ILLUSIION 7 (Has turned an underdog division into one of the top divisions in KSI and without a doubt, the fastest growing) CO-FOUNDER OF THE MONTH: KSI SAGE 7 (Handling not only the squads under his charge, but multiple others simply cause he cares how they are doing) GENERAL OF THE MONTH: KSI N1NJA 7 (Took a struggling squad and turned it into the number 1 squad in GZ) FOURMS STAFF OF THE MONTH: KSI LUCI LUX 7 (Again, need I elaborate?) RECRUITER OF THE MONTH: KSI DUCEN (Having brought in nearly a dozen recruits in two weeks time. Of which, all but 2 are very active and want to better KSI) WRITER OF THE MONTH: KSI SHADE (Very true to his word and honest with his work. I love reading his articles)
  12. "Don't worry about life. You won't survive it anyway." Anonymous

  13. "Don't worry about life. You won't survive it anyway." Anonymous

  14. You know, there is a fine line between sanity and insanity...and I have white out.

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