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  1. June 2018 OTM nominations!

    KSI Scarrz/LT/WD @KSI Scarrz One of the hardest working Lts getting recruits game nights and bringing up activity
  2. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

  3. Xbox pic KSI Emblem-yes Main- KSI Neko Sub text- Fierce WD
  4. KSI Neko’s Profile pic request

    Why yes yes I do @+.Veeif you don’t want to work with it I’ll choose something else I’m fine with it
  5. KSI Neko’s Profile pic request

    @KSI Mc Goof @+.Vee it has been edited
  6. KSI Neko’s Profile pic request

    Bump I guess
  7. KSI Neko’s Profile pic request

    I have all my post
  8. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

    Nano-name I’ve had since I’ve join xbL neko-favorite anime category
  9. KSI UNB0RN- KSI Mentor

    Unborn is a reliable and trust worthy Gen he has taught me in different ways from a sgt to captain from bad to good unborn has been there.