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  1. Boy meets world is on Hulu, so I am watching that all the way through.
  2. Tattoos, I've got 'em. What cha got?

    This is just one that I have, but one of my most favorites.
  3. KSI Rank Structures (Updated 09/24)

    I did not know this existed. This is a really great reference chart!
  4. Favorite Season

    Okay, let's hear it KSI! What is your favorite season and why? I live in Maine so we really get them all. (Not a big fan of 10 feet of snow btw.) Me, it has to be the fall cooler weather, hoodies, hot cider, crunching of the leaves. Okay so let's hear it, what about you!?
  5. DC or Marvel?

    Marvel. D.C. Has gotten to dark for me. I always loved to read about Spider-Man, and what was going on in the X-Men.
  6. Positive Comment

    I don't know him, yet... but I will leave some good advice because he is worth it! Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
  7. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

    Not from DBZ!!! I get it all the time. My name is from a show called SeaQuest DSV. I loved this show! Show some love if you have seen it too! (So know I am not alone.) LOL!
  8. Favorite TV Show

    Friends. I have think I've watched the whole series at least eight times in a row. I might have a problem.
  9. Good or Evil?

    Good! For the Alliance!

    Hello, everyone! I am new to the forms, guess I have to learn my way around a bit. Any tips would be wonderful.