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  1. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Shout out from Afghanistan!!!!! Go ES the only one that matters!!!!!
  2. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums Name: KSI Sarcasm Award Desired/Needed: New Member Certified Evidence (If Required - For this certification there is none): Completed individual training on the New Member Training Workshop, @KSI BuMPer 7 can witness Link to forums profile:http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/45286-ksi-sarcasm/
  3. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    ES We gonna catch up
  4. What's the longest you've gamed for?

    Well... I started on the 16th and its the 18th now I've been playing for about 40 hours I think
  5. Signiture Request

    I love it!
  6. Signiture Request

    Thanks for the Unlock
  7. Another Football Leauge......XFL

    So XFL is being revived in 2020 will it be a flop this time as well or will it reach the same standing as the NFL? lets here it.
  8. Here's a question

    How Much Wood Could a Wood Chuck Chuck if a Wood chuck could Chuck Wood
  9. What Comes First The Chicken or The Egg^.^

  10. Alternative meanings to KSI.....Hilarious!

    Killing Some Idiots
  11. Positive Comment

    Be everything you want!
  12. What's ur favorite meme?

    LOL PedoBear Or tidepod mems
  13. You wanna know what really grinds my gears?

    When people argue a point that's already been proven by freaking science
  14. Why rick and morty s3 Is awesome

    In general its just awesome