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  1. Forums Moderator App (closing 07/09)

    Gamertag: KSI UNIT3 Division/Squad/Rank: EO, Defiant, SGT How active are you on the forums daily? I'm active I don't post a lot but do check often to see what's what. What kind of past experience do you have being a Mod? I been mods before just not this big of a community What do you seek in becoming a Mod? I seek to help when ever I can and to stop and wrong doings Why would you make a great candidate? Why would I be good here's why I don't like to pick side I'm very blunt about what I do and I want to do more Do you understand that this is a voluntary position and if we feel you are not doing your job correctly, we have the right to remove you? Yes if I'm not doing my job or not a good enough job the feel free to give me the boot.
  2. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    EO one hundo https://gph.is/1eeiSUV
  3. KSI Unit3 pic

    Hello there I'm KSI Unit3 and I'm looking for someone to make me a custom gamer pic I don't have 20 not spam post but I hope any of could look past that and help me. here's what I want I a pic of mccree character: McCree Name: KSI Unit3 description: I eu cu cu here and my name ART PERSON: I would want KSI sinz to give it a go if he can do it that's fine.