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    gaming. skateboarding. friends and stuff llike someone in highschool likes i guess haha.. halo is one of my favorite games but i still play black ops here and there. message me to play anytime
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  1. The next installment in the Halo series brings gamers to the roots of Xbox Live. An updated repeat of a game that many Xbox players hold dear, a game that revolutionized first-person-shooters, and a game that pushed the envelope of innovative shooters. This game is Halo: Combat Evolved. Ultimately, Halo: CE changed the video gaming world into one of mass appeal. This revolutionizing game debuted on November 15, 2001, and on its tenth anniversary this November, 343 Industries, the company taking over the Halo franchise, is releasing a remake of the classic shooter. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is a completely remastered version of Halo: CE with modernized graphics, and, unlike it's predecessor, online gameplay. The graphics are updated from the Halo: Reach engine, so the quality is going to be guaranteed for all Halo fans. Reach multiplayer (online ranks, stats, gameplay, gametypes, and etc.) is also being utilized for online gameplay, so gamers should expect a similar Xbox Live experience. As opposed to Reach multiplayer, Halo Anniversary is bringing back the classic magnum. In addition to these changes, 343 Industries is bringing back six of the best Halo maps ever made. The chosen maps are Beaver Creek, Hang 'Em High, Damnation, Timberland, Prisoner, and Headlong. Following suit with their graphical upgrades, most of these maps have new names. Beaver Creek is now Battle Canyon, Damnation is now called Penance, Timberland is Ridgeline, Prisoner is now Solitary, and Headlong is now called Breakneck. New alleyways and rock tunnels were built into Battle Canyon (Beaver Creek) in order to keep Reach's game-flow the same. As always, there';s a base on each side of the Beaver Creek that includes back alleyways and two-way teleporters to each base. The bases will also include lifts in the back to reach the roof. Hang 'Em High will not have any structural additions, it will only be remastered. That said, why fix things that aren't broken? This map includes 3 floors, all of which can be utilized to destroy the enemy team. The top floor is where one can find the Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher. On each side of the map are two small shelters where you can find shotguns. The center of the map contains a very large trench which can lead players to a middle platform, as long as they don't die, making the open trek. This map is widely regarded as the best Halo map ever created. Even though it is asymmetric, it is still perfectly balanced. The map Damnation, with its notoriously narrow walkways, is being resurrected as Penance. This map has been updated from simple blocky graphics to a beautifuly detailed Covenant dam on Halo. If gamers are not careful when running around this map, they will end up falling down to their. One strange addition from 343 industries is a dead grunt falling from the waterfall every 20 seconds. Timberland is a terrific example of a classic Halo map, and that's why it's being brought back as Ridgeline. It's structurally the same map, but has gone under significant graphical and scenic changes. Ridgeline has fuller and thicker trees than Timberland to give it a more authentic forest feeling. The bases on each side of the forest canyon will have big changes that have yet to be detailed by 343 Industries. Ridgeline still holds the Timberland feel, but is very different in design and flow. It's also 20% smaller than Timberland. Not much has been said yet about the Halo: CE Anniversary remake of the vertical map, Prisoner. Its remake, Solitary, holds the same vertically-based foundations as Prisoner, but with some better installments to compliment Reach's unique game-flow, such as gravity lifts and new walkways in the back of the map. The very popular Halo 2 map, Headlong, is being fixed for Halo: Reach multiplayer, and is now known as Breakneck. It will fully resemble Headlong, but instead of having the teleporter that took you across the map, Breakneck features a "man cannon". Headlong is the second of two Halo 2 maps being remade for Halo: Anniversary, the first being Beaver Creek. Recently, Reach has added a new gametype called, "Title Update Beta" . This gametype is testing the new aspects of Halo: Anniversary multiplayer gameplay. The most popular thing about the TU Beta is the Zero-Bloom Playlist. The Zero-Bloom Playlist is a test to see how zero-bloom will work out in Halo: CE Anniversary. So far, the playlist has been popular among Reach players. Zero-bloom is when your weapons reticle doesn't expand when a round is fired, as it was in all previous Halo installments. Halo: Anniversary has changed the multiplayer map structure quite a bit, but do NOT expect that in the campaign. The campaign is everything you loved about Halo: CE, with updated graphics. All gameplay aspects are virtually unchanged. The most interesting aspect in the campaign is the ability to see the past and present in the blink of an eye. The concept is called "Classic Mode". Halo: Anniversary allows you to switch between Reach and Halo: CE graphics at anytime during the campaign. Surprisingly enough, this does not affect the gameplay at all. Halo: Anniversary is being made to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Halo series and is a great idea to give everyone a reminder of why they love Halo. This game is going to cost $40.00. Halo: Anniversary arrives on this November 15th. Article By: KSI Overkiller This post has been promoted to an article
  2. Where's heaven?

    Heaven is where you want it to be when you die.

    back in the day, there was so many awards that i was completely qualified for but i never nominated myself :/
  4. smilies on peoples names

    Well you could have worded that a little nicer, desolate. But yeah.. festivity and amusement at the price of our professionality?
  5. Christianity

    at least the comment wasn't denying the existence of god or jesus. im sorry .
  6. Christianity

    Please, read the link I posted above and be open minded. And if you don't believe, there's thousands of other people on the internet with insanely similar stories.
  7. Christianity

    My view on life is to show love and show compassion. Devote yourself to the well being of others and affect those in your life positively and you will be closer to God. You see, my God belief is different. It doesn't matter if you jerk off or commit adultery or swear as long as you just affect people in a good way and live your life caring. Now that doesn't work for lying, theft, or murder in this case. I also believe that those who are on the wrong track in life need a wake-up call. Near death experience stories. I love them and believe them. http://iands.org/nde-stories/17-nde-accounts-from-beyond-the-light.html This article is the center of my belief. Everything is too beautiful to argue over who's right and who's wrong.
  8. smilies on peoples names

    I would like to say that I do NOT support this claim when it comes to the color and icon for supporting Breast Cancer. For that is an actual cause and the people involved are good people
  9. smilies on peoples names

    I agree. Having those there contradicts this part of the KSI Handbook: "K.S.I. is moving to a more professional appearance and structure". As stated by desolate, they make this place look childish. I am not trying to be rude either. Please consider this. And yes, I know that I copied almost everything you just said, desolate, but this shows that more people back this idea up
  10. Frontline

    i think he's saying the innactive are still members , but there should be a member count for INNACTIVE, ACTIVE, and TOTAL. it would be great. do you understand my take on this?
  11. Christianity

    i believe in god and jesus. i wasn't saying i dont believe and i wasn't disrespecting christianity. THOSE other people are being worse. i was kidding. GAHHH1!!! D:<

    I've got my fingers crossed
  13. Favorite Books

    outsiders. the catcher in the rye - all time favorite read all of the series of unfortunate events in 3rd-4th grade. were pretty good. not sure if i would read now lol night was pretty good. The Lord of the Flies was good.
  14. Christianity

    they were sent to purgatory to listen to elevator music and watch infomercials.