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  1. Your News Team should have someone turn this into a KSI versioned article.
  2. Happy birthday day airborne have a great one 

  3. I miss everyone. Dont worry when Im allowed to join back I will be back. God bless

  4. NVM then but did you see commandos suggestion i really like that one
  5. The 7s Award: Anyone who has reached the rank of Co Founder and proven themselves as a KSI leader with a 7 behind their gamertag
  6. General KSI KIMBUD83/ Death DL/General Link to forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/26689-ksi-kimbud83/ Reasoning: Kim picked up General near the first half of the month and went straight into attack mode. I can honestly say no matter how long you have been in KSI or how much you know, you can always learn more from a GREAT leader and she proved that to me, I learned so much from her, not only in building the squad, but as a leader. She has potential to be a Senior Director in the very near future and I have faith she will make it there. She went straight into attack mode and within under 2 weeks we split the squad. The way she handled being put into the position was tremendous she kept her composure during issues, she always made sure the rules were followed and biggest thing she cared about everyone in the squad from recruit to Captain. She gave 110% the entire month of March. She is the definition of a true leader.
  7. Airborn

    Hey I made a sig

    One of the best we have ever had!!!! Miss you Robyn. Looks great
  8. One question and itll be perfect can you move the text to the left a little
  9. Bump giving a lot of points to whoever does it
  10. Type of Image / Size: Normal Signature Image: http://www.corpsman.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/f_Huet_USMC_aq043.jpg http://i.imgur.com/E9sR1RV.jpg Main Text: KSI Airborn 7 Subtext (if any): United States Marine KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Make me happy LINK To Most Recent Past Request: http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/11647-airborn-request/
  11. Director of the Month KSI Cheddarbob 7 Director- DR, DL, HD Link to account- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/1101-ksi-cheddarbob7/ Reason- Ever since the first day I joined DL again, cheddar has made it his mission to make sure this division is taken care of. Yes I know some of you guys are like well that's his job. It goes beyond his job. Everything cheddar does is above and beyond. He plays with his members and makes sure they know who he is. He cares about his members a lot. He works his butt off on an everyday basis to make sure he runs the best divisions in KSI. Cheddar for President. Co-Division Leader of the Month KSI Mason357x 7 Co-Division Leader- DL Link to forums account- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/6350-ksi-mason357-07/ Reason- There are plenty of reasons mason deserves this award. For one he makes sure all of his members are taken care of before he starts to even think about gaming. He is a good guy who has done so much for DL and deserves this award just about as much as anyone in KSI. He works his ass off to basically run this division by himself being the only one founder and up in the division. Captain of the month KSI IamtheBMP94 2nd Captain- Repears DL Link to account- http://www.ksiforums.org/user/17020-ksi-iamthebmp94/ Reason- BMP is a great captain. He honestly cares about his squad and the members in it. He works his butt off to make sure all members are treated right and they are given the help they need. He has trained a lot of guys and a big reason Reapers has grown in the past month
  12. Me, KSI ZombieJava, KiKun, and KSI reckoning we lost but we tried our hardest. Thanks to everyone in LB who participated in the events this week. It is much appreciated guys.
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