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  1. Your News Team should have someone turn this into a KSI versioned article.
  2. Happy birthday day airborne have a great one 

  3. Thanks worst haha do what you gotta do buddy. Im still gonna pop up on here evey now and then but my clan ops time is over and ill never have a web ops spot haha me and you both know that
  4. it was nothing like that. Simply sold my xbox and shut down my account. Im not still gonna be in KSI. No need to be an ass for no reason man.
  5. Thanks starset. Good luck to you and everyone else
  6. Always Scotland thank you! Good luck to you and stay safe as well.
  7. Well KSI it has been a long time coming. This is my official resignation and retirement from KSI. I know im not currently a member but I do still have a lot of friends. I was turned down the opportunity to rejoin by the Seniors with good reason that I totally understand. I tried my hardest to give everything I could to this community and give my all at building a better KSI. I wanted to thank everyone who made it possible and kept me going all these years. It will be 8 years in November and I will never forget the memories I have had with some great friends and people. KSI has never had a stronger leadership in place then it has now, it has never had board members and senior leaders who would give anything for there members until the past couple of years, many of which do not like me, some of which I am good friends. There are a few people who need mentioned by me for the help they have given me and times in which they have always had my back. KSI Fuzzymeep 7, KSI Chaos 7, KSI QueenJess 7, Rags, KSI LuciLux 7, KSI Paratroop 7, KSI Ace 7, KSI Steelers 7, KSI Pantsir 7 and KSI Mizz Kim 7. Thanks to these people I was able to accomplish my dream and join the Marine Corps because of the leadership abilities they taught me. Through my time I have grown as a person and a leader and everyday I am thankful for what I have learned as it helps me in everyday life. This is it for me everyone. I thank you all for everything. I may pop on here every now and then to say hi but other then that my time here is up. Thank you all and God Bless.
  8. I miss everyone. Dont worry when Im allowed to join back I will be back. God bless

  9. Colts and Ohio State Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Im a yankess fan we are looking good so far this year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Dylan what member in KSI do you love the most and you wrote in boot camp
  12. 1. What members in KSI mentored you and helped you the most throughout your history in KSI. 2. Is there any you have trained or mentored that you still see in KSI today?
  13. Airborn

    We're Hiring!

    I think I deserve the position because Ive been here for about 8 years, and ive always wanted to be a moderator even if it were just over one section. Theres always something new you can learn and thats what Im trying to do, learn and work with some great people. I do know most things about IPB Moderator wise and I know little bit admin wise so im hoping maybe that could help my resume out a little. Im an extremely social person and I can get in contact with just about anyone when I need to, im willing to help members out. Ive contributed a lot to KSI including hundreds of dollars in donation money, so maybe that could help me a bit. I am currently the General of Famine DL we just split and have already gotten to 65 members in 2 weeks, hoping to move up to co founder soon. Other then that thank you for reviewing my application per say and I hope that I get picked, if not best of luck and congrats to whoever does. The rest of the information needed is below. Gamertag: KSI Airborn 7 Console: 360 Only Skype Name: ksiairborn7 Thank you for the opportunity and happy gaming.
  14. Theres no other military members in KSI thats hard to believe
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