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  1. Hey man kik me about you application for marketing team alright 

    1. TSB WickedClown

      TSB WickedClown

      My kik name is Dylan.roberts16 please contact me for more info on your application status and information about the department in general 

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say it's been a while since I've talked to you but great job with your squad I think your doing an outstanding job keep going widow!!!!!

    1. KSI Widow 7

      KSI Widow 7

      Awe thank you so much i appreciate it :)

  3. Hero- goes to any divisional 7 who take responsibility over a troubled member meaning that a member keeps causing trouble or gets in trouble and then is requested to transfer somewhere before worse happens which a divisional 7 aggrees to take that members in and turns that member around to a totally different person only awarded if successful.
  4. Please contact me one Xbox one my gt is KSIxDeathScythe I would like to talk to you thank you 

  5. I can witness tempah for this though I'm not in his division I used to be and he has showed me a better way to become leader and made me become a better leader and how to help people a lot better and how to handle tough situations and I can say he has been a great mentor to me.
  6. Division Leader Gamertag(Rank-Division/Squad)-Division Leader KSI Tempah 7 (WI) Link to forums account-http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/9280-kylo-ren/ Reason why they deserve this- I honestly don't know where to start tempah is an all around great person. First off he would do anything and help anyone in his division to help the division. He cares about his whole division and does what he can. He refuses to give up no matter what comes in his way. He always gets up and fixes things to better the division and his members. His division was my first division when I rejoined an
  8. Did you finally figure out about the rejoin app and stuff

    1. KSIxCrAzYmOnKeY


      yeah i did thanks. i wondered around to get more use to how things work and all


    2. TSB WickedClown

      TSB WickedClown

      Alright let me know if you need anymore help id be happy to help 

  9. Send me a friend request if you don't care to play games my gt:KSIxDeathScythe Xbox one or 360 I have both but feel free to so we can maybe play so games 

  10. hello, id like to get back into ksi. can you help me?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KSIxCrAzYmOnKeY


      where can i find that exactly?


    3. KSIxCrAzYmOnKeY


      i finished what do i do now 


    4. TSB WickedClown

      TSB WickedClown

      Just wait for leadership is all you do 

  11. Maybe a black ops 3 one or 360 game called beat down no Guns no nothing except fists either an every man for him self or have 1v1 with every one to get a champion just an idea
  12. This one probably needs to be closed its just been sitting here no one posted and ascend put up another one for this member
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