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    BO2,BO3, War Frame, Never Winter, Rocket League, Roblox. Twitch.tv/thesilence89
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  1. As the Division Leader over Rockdogg I can attest that all these claims are true
  2. I can attest to the nomination, I know of a minimum of 1 persons who he has givens Xbox gift card to for name change purposes.
  3. I can attest member has completed requirements for this achievement .
  4. Team Captain: KSI Silence 7 Division: FI Teammate: M16RACER Division: N/A
  5. Name: KSI Blicky 7Link to Forums Account: @KSI BLICKY 7Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service level 1&2Reason-/-Evidence It would be much more difficult to give reasons to why this guy doesn’t deserve these acclimation, but that’s not what is asked. Blicky is one of the most dedicated people I have met in KSI when it comes to helping out members of any rank/squad/div or not even in KSI but looking to join. He has countless times sacrificed sleep to stay and help a member in need. While working Graveyard shifts, AND having a Newborn he still manages to finds times (somehow sti

    ^lol this needs to be your motto

  7. I will witness for both Rockdogg and Katy for members assistance. On more than one occasion have I seen both of these two go and assist newer members especially find answers to any question they may have had.
  8. I can verify the member he had a KSI tag for over 1 year with active gold.
  9. Die hard/MadMax: I will witness and attest two both of these nominations. I as Division Leader here in FI will say the title of Die Hard should be stamped on her forhead. Many times has this member stayed up at all hours of the night to help any member in need, she has constantly sacrificed personal life to ensure her members have any information they need. She is a true example of how a member can have Pride for KSI beyond normal understanding. When her squad got hit by XDG and poached about 11 members it was majority of her effort that help secure the faith to other members that everyt
  10. As Division Leader of FI, I can witness and attest to the claims above being true.
  11. Name: KSI Silence 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Silence 7 Award-/-Achievement: Novice/Pro recruiter Reason-/-Evidence: Have personally recruited 35+ members and have assisted with well over 50+ recruits. Name: KSI Silence 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Silence 7 Award-/-Achievement: Friendly/Approachable Reason-/-Evidence: I have 7 “won the day” on the forums Name: KSI Silence 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Silence 7 Award-/-Achievement: Pave The Way Reason-/-Evidence: have Nominated 15 plus members for AAP awards.
  12. KSI Negan 7- Founder-Forced Induction @KSI NEGAN 7 - Negan with out a doubt is a key factor to the stability of FI, he’s been a great second in command and I know the punctuality is a strong suit of his. If he tells you he’s gonna do something it gets done. He takes time to reach out to members to just say hi or help them with any questions. KSI Blicky 7–CoFounder- Forced Induction @KSI BLICKY 7 Blicky has blossomed into a spectacular leader especially here in the past few months after taking upon the CoFo position. This man is always trying to make sure every
  13. GamerTag: KSI Silence 7 Squad/Division: All/Forced Induction Will not be at my Xbox, if need me discord: KSI Silence 7#2416
  14. Team Captain: KSI Kerfluffle Squad/Division: Hellcat/FI Teammate: KSI ROCKDOGG Squad/Division: Enforcer/FI Teammate: KSI GreendayFox Squad/Division: hellcat/FI Teammate: AriesKiller90 Squad/Division:Enforcer/FI Alternate 1: KSI Negan 7 Squad/Division: All/FI
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