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  1. Squad/Division-REAPERS DL Game Platform- Black Ops 2 Game Type- Hardcore/Core Contacts- KSI Ms G1GGLY Extra Comments- We Are A Great Team See If Y'all Can Beat Us.
  2. Loving REAPERS DL y'all are a fantastic squad!!

  3. Gamer Tag And Rank: 3 Lieutenant KSI Airborn 7 (DL/REAPERS) Link to forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/45-airborn7/ Reasoning: KSI Airborn 7 has been truly motivational and has helped and answered my questions and made information clear and persist. He has shown the dedication and I truly look up to that. He has definitely made my transfer from UNDEAD to REAPERS a great one. I respect him truly! he has been very supporting of my decision and has helped me to better myself in ksi. He has helped keep this squad stable he has helped the general when he needed someone to trust and he definitely is the guy to trust. he has shown what a true leader is and I wish to be able to do as greatly as he does now. I want to keep learning throughout ksi on what to do and how to do it right with actions and oppinions and I know by seeing how he does that I will soon be able to make and voice my own opinions when they are truly needed! Gamer Tag And Rank: 2 Captain KSI iamtheBMP94 (DL/REAPERS) Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/17020-ksi-iamthebmp94/ Reasoning: KSI iamtheBMP94 has been there for me through a lot that has happened. he has been there as a member in ksi and as a friend to make me feel like I truly am apart of the ksi family. He has motivated me to keep on pushing and has gave me a reason to stay in ksi. i respect him so much for all he has done to make sure he could help me when I needed help in the areas I was weak. he has shown me my true potential so that i can be the best to my ability! BMP has done everything to keep this squad up on its feet and never let it fall. we have gotten so many new amazing members who are truly for ksi which is great! I look u to what he has done and see something great to come out in the future.
  4. Welcome to the forums KSI GIGGL3Z :)

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