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  1. Family Guy

    Well, I'm glad they brought Brian back.
  2. Zombie plans?

    The ultimate plan. Items required: A hammer, a gallon of milk, and a corner. Directions: Go to a corner, drink the gallon of milk, and cry and hit any attacking zombies with a hammer until it's done.
  3. Count to a Million

  4. NFL Playoff Win Predictions

    San Diego @ Denver - San Diego only because they were the only team to beat Denver at home. Indianapolis @ New England - Patriots, they tend not to choke. New Orleans @ Seattle - Seattle with home field. San Francisco@ Carolina - Carolina's defense alone should be able to win it.
  5. All things pertaining to the Doctor (Doctor Who)

    I like the show a lot. I am excited to see Matt Smith leave though (Im just not a fan of his lol)
  6. Zombie plans?

    Mine always consisted of Depending on where Zombie Outbreak started- 1) Panic or don't panic 2) If panic was the option, go to store and stock up on food/water 3) Use swords and Barricades to defend my house 4) If I survive week and the outbreak is still going on and wasn't contained. Kill my dog first, then myself. I'm weak I couldnt go through that
  7. Lets Talk About NFL

    Green Bay Packers all the way! They don't need Greg Jennings! And I've noticed a trend for the Packers, Packers Players---> Vikings------> Seahawks then they just go out and around
  8. Favorite NFL Teams?

    Green Bay Packers!!! They might have a super bowl run this year if certain things happen. 1) Collin Kaepernick falls down and hurts himself in the first play of the game in Week 1 2) They get a defense that can stop said Collin Kaepernick 3) They're not the victim of Replacement Referee wrongdoings
  9. Doctor Who has to get my vote. I think they're doing their 50 year anniv. this year so that has to mean something.
  10. Everybody Hates Chris

    I watch the reruns all the time
  11. wat is ur favorite tv show

  12. Welcome to the forums DemolitionDerb3 :)