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  1. What is your dream car?

    2002 Lingenfelter Chevy Corvette 0-60 mph 1.97 and Quarter mile 9.1
  2. What songs are you listening to?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZNCrLV8W_M Comatose - Skillet
  3. Favorite Video Game Music?

    freak a leak in midnight club (:
  4. Any TW squads wanna have a HH Battle?

    if anyone wants to battle on black ops, hit me up, ill direct you to my capt, i want a batle (:
  5. Welcome to the forums KSI Vengeance :)

    1. xX NiNjA 7 Xx

      xX NiNjA 7 Xx

      I bet u still have the image in your mind of my dad being drunk and pissing in my mom's chair LMAO!!!