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      Spring/Summer Donation Drive   04/22/2016

      KSI Donation Drive KSI has undergone a transformation during the past few months, and there’s been an emphasis on improving the services and perks members can use and take advantage of. If KSI has made a difference in your life and you want to make a greater difference in the community, please donate here. Every donation that KSI receives is immediately put toward tournaments, events and site upgrades that improve the KSI experience for all members. “We want KSI members to be proud of the community,” Chief of Operations KSI Ragnaroks 7 said. “We’ve pumped a lot of money into server and site upgrades, and we want to keep improving what we have to offer, and we hope the community can contribute to those improvements.” The emphasis on improving the site and server, as well as introducing more prizes for this year’s Spirit Week, has spawned the newest KSI donation drive. However, no donation drive has ever had the rewards and incentives this drive has. During the current donation drive, any member who donates $100 will receive their own customized group on the forums, complete with unique color and sprite image next to their display name. This will allow members to show off the perks of contributing more to the community. “The name and image would be tight,” AAP Head KSI Scotland 7 said. “I’ll have to throw $100 at the community.” As always, despite the rewards for higher-level awards, there are still perks for those who aren’t able to reach that threshold. Any and all donations will be thanked and rewarded with the neon pink “I <3 KSI” member group on the forums as well as forums awards that will be announced soon based upon amount donated. The awards will be “Silver,” “Gold,” and “Legendary.” Thank you, KSI Web Staff


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  1. What is your dream car?

    2002 Lingenfelter Chevy Corvette 0-60 mph 1.97 and Quarter mile 9.1
  2. What songs are you listening to?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZNCrLV8W_M Comatose - Skillet
  3. Favorite Video Game Music?

    freak a leak in midnight club (:
  4. Welcome to the forums KSI Vengeance :)

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      xX NiNjA 7 Xx

      I bet u still have the image in your mind of my dad being drunk and pissing in my mom's chair LMAO!!!