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Spirit Week Prize Collection

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Yo yo in order to receive prizes from spirit week events and overall i need you leaders (One designated leader from each division applicable) to PM Ace a list of the members Gamertags, and Links to their forum accounts (This is where they will get the code), make it simple and put in bullets with Event located above the list. he will verify and hand out points, please respond to this with questions or when you have completed the task

You have til the last day of july to collect, if you do not, it goes back into general funds (PM ACE)

so Example


Halo 5

Gt KSI xxnotrealxx: Forums Link:

Gt KSI xxnotrealxx: Forums Link:

Gt KSI xxnotrealxx: Forums Link:

Gt KSI xxnotrealxx: Forums Link:


First place receives 10 dollar cards

Both Halos, Both Cods, Destiny, Poker, Montague, Karaoke, Rocket league


Directors Cup: 3 month


Reps from LS, FI and EO contact ace as well with reference to winning 1st 2nd and 3rd and discuss how that will work


ACE'S UPDATE: After leaders have PM'd Ace also have those members PM Ace to receive the prizes.

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