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Spirit Week Prize Collection

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Yo yo in order to receive prizes from spirit week events and overall i need you leaders to remind any winning members to PM Ace to redeem prizes. You have til the last day of july to collect, if you do not, it goes back into general funds (PM ACE)


First place receives 10 dollar cards


ACE'S UPDATE: Leaders should not need to PM Ace, simply have the winning members PM Ace on the forums for prize redemption.

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Wednesday, June 20th:

Prominence Poker: (DM)

  • KSI Gruntier 7 

Overwatch - 3v3 CTF: (EO)

  • KSI Sinz
  • KSI Zebraa
  • KSI Ruby


Thursday, June 21st:

CoD - BoPs 2 SnD: (WD)

  • Bio Zhi
  • KSIxRogue
  • KSI Scarrz

Halo 5 - 4v4 CTF: (LS)

  • KSI Memes
  • KSI Fear 7
  • KSI Ferocity
  • KSI N3O

Halo 5 - 7's FFA: (DW)



Friday, June 22nd:

Karaoke: (EO)

  • KSI Karisaur

Rocket Leave - 2v2: (FI)

  • KSI Silence 7
  • KSI POPenguin


Saturday, June 23rd:

Destiny 2 - 4v4 Control: (DM)

  • KSI Breakfast 7
  • KSI Orbital JP
  • KSI MooTew
  • KSI ninja dm80


  • Bio Zhi
  • KSI LostHyperen
  • KSI Redsoldier
  • KSI Soulz

CoD - 7's FFA: (FI)

  • KSI Airborne 7


Sunday, June 24th:

Uno - Donor's Event:

      •KSI Bane


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