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  1. Thank you for a the teams that signed up! Special thing about a lack of sign ups is that now every team signed up is guaranteed admission to the tournament against XGN! I encourage you guys to scrim against each other as much a possible over the next week to get ready! I'll reach out monday with info on the tournament! Please hit me up with any questions in the meantime @KSI Starset 7 @KSI Ralph @KSI LEGION @KSI AtomXGen
  2. Using my mod powers to slide in here before the topic unlocks (que devious laugh). What an awesome topic though! To me personally, its crazy how much the idea of Christmas and what I look forward to the most every year has changed. Obviously as a kid (and no lie even as an adult) you look forward to the gifts, new presents, that new video game you couldn't afford, or that new controller that you've been needing. But as I've grown up and matured (kind of lol) to me I truly am excited to give gifts or do small things to make someone elses holiday season better or let them know you care. Seeing that surprised look on faces when they get gifts they weren't expecting, seeing my dad get emotional when his kids now get him presents that he could never afford growing up, things that truly make you feel good inside. On top of all this I love my family and am also a huge mommas boy so getting to go home and see my family means the world to me. I love this community and the people in it so like the post says, I hope everyone has a very happy, safe, and warm holiday. Even if you dont celebrate Christmas or dont have anyone to celebrate it with offline, hopefully you know that online, there will always be someone here to laugh, play, and celebrate with. Merry Christmas KSI, and a happy new year! -Gambino
  3. Want to partake in the Multi Community Event but don't have a 5 man squad? No problem, we got you covered. Whether you have a partial team or are a solo looking for a team, post here below with the format and well find you a group to play with! For Tournament rules and info please refer to the direct 'Nades Out Topic posted in this section. Best of Luck! Sign-Up Format: Gamertag: Solo or Partial Team: Current Number of players your with (including yourself): Best way to reach you? (Discord or Xbox only)
  4. New Information has been added, Please refer to this topic again for changes to dates!
  5. New Years - 'Nades Out!: Part 1 - Preliminary Tournament (1/3/20) 7pm EST NEWLY EXTENDED Part 2 - 'Nades Out Tournament (1/10/20) 8pm EST Overview: Here in KSI we love to compete to prove our skill against each other, but that can get repetitive to see the same competition over and over again. SO...who wants to test their skills against OTHER COMMUNITIES!? We've officially extended a tournament invitation to Xiled Syndicate (XS) as well as well Eclipse Gaming Syndicate (EGS) to throw down with us on Modern Warfare, and they've accepted! Time to see which community has the top squad! This is the first time weve done this in a ery, very long time so its up to you, the members, on how successful this is. Here are the details: The official 'Nades Out Tournament will take place Friday, January 10th 2020 This tournament will follow rules and regulations taken from the CWL/ Proffesional Rules and setup Each Community will be allowed to submit 3 teams to represent them in the final tournament How will the teams be selected to represent their community you may ask. Through a preliminary tournament of course! We will be holding a KSI Specific tournament similar to weekend warfare in which the top 4 placed teams will be the teams that get the honor of representing our community in a head-to-head battle against XS and EGS! The Sign Up format is below - please contact KSI Gambit 7 with any questions comments or concerns! IMPORTANT: As the winners will be representing our entire community, the Code of Conduct will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Any display of toxic or unsportsmanlike behavior displayed durring the preliminary tournament will be an immediate Disqualification. ANy of the same behaviors displayed in the actual tournament with the other communities will be subject to harsh punishment in both a department ops AND clan ops perspective. PRELIMINARY TOURNAMENT PLAY: This Tournament will be a ROUND ROBIN STYLE TOURNAMENT. This means that all teams will play every other team once. The tournament will be a 3 GAME SERIES where teams matching up will play all 3 gametypes regardless of the win/loss count for the series. The series will be a mix of objective/ slayer gametypes: TDM, Hardpoint, S&D Winners will be decided based on final record. All Ties will be decided by amount of total rounds won The Top 4 teams will be selected to play in the Final Tournament against XS on 1/10/20 Tournament Sign-Ups: Team Name: Team Captain: Team Member: Team Member: Team Member: Team Member:
  6. Name: KSI Gambit 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Gambit 7 Award-/-Achievement: Award Hobbyist Highest of Fives Reason-/-Evidence: All criteria for these awards met per the AAP standards Staff Award Requested: (Included only with Meta Awards category) Imagine Dragons The Oneiroi Collective
  7. KSI Gambit 7

    For Gambit

    I absolutely love it, thank thank thank you
  8. original post has been edited, RiiMpy 2k18 retracted @KSI Uppish
  9. Name: KSI Gambit 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Gambit 7 Award-/-Achievement: Committed Reason-/-Evidence: I have been in KSI for almost 4 years now (on and off) but for the past 2 years I have had a KSI tag.
  10. Name: KSI Gambit 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Gambit 7 Award-/-Achievement: Legend Ripple Effect On Point Round of Applause Three Cheers Staff Award Requested: The Double Agent Winter Is Coming Execute Order 77 Airborne's Legion Optic Requiem Reason-/-Evidence: All Requirements met for the awards mentioned as listed by the AAPs standard. Please let me know if any further verification is needed.
  11. Name: KSI Gambit 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Gambit 7 Award-/-Achievement: Forums Newb Good Karma Forums Rookie Friendly Approachable People Magnet Reason-/-Evidence: All requirements per the AAP standards on these awards have been met. Please let me know if any further verification is needed on my end and thank you for your time
  12. 2 Weeks Late on this one but better late than never right @Mr. King 77? Lmao what a bad kid. Its not a secret that myself and King didn't get a long at first. My real first interactions with King were during what I like to call his "rebellious teen" saga within KSI where he liked to go head to head with people in the community until he killed them with toxicity. However, once we cleared through that nonsense, I saw King for the extremely talented and passionate leader that he was and still is today. We could sit here and talk about Kings accomplishments (like everyone else in this thread has already) all day as the dudes been in KSI since Vietnam. But still to this day, and as I've said on any other recommendation/nomination this mans name has been on, Kings achievement that truly makes him "Most outstanding" is the complete overhaul and retrospect hes done to himself and his leadership style over the past year and a half. if you take the King that we have now and compare him to the King of old, its not really a fair comparison because you're talking about 2 different people in every aspect. Through his hard work, practice, and especially his patience - Hes been able to hone himself and turn all his weaknesses into strengths that make the community, and whatever division is fortunate to have him over it, a better place. Venting anger and complaints turned to suggesting change and executing solutions. Previous wounds that limited his mindset and set road blocks in his own path turned to motivation and driving force to succeed no matter what. "Hopeless situations" turned into great potential. Caring about his own career path and needs turned into constantly supporting every single member and their wants until they felt like they had an online family. You cant half-ass something like this and it definitely doesnt happen over night and for that reason, King is truly most outstanding. It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege working with this man, watching his progress, and seeing him grow into the leader he is today and he has no one to thank for that but himself. I truly believe he deserves this award. Love & Peace, Chief Sus
  13. That S*** dope. Highly appreciated man. Shout to graphics for being so quick!!
  14. Type of Image/Size: Choose one of the following Xbox Gamer Pic Image: Provide a link to an image you want used in the graphic. Honestly prolly gonna botch the requirements yall want. SO please hook your boy with a Sasuke Gamer Pic Main Text: What would you like the title of the graphic to be... Generally your name Either KSI Gambit 7 or Chief Sus...prolly my GT tho Subtext (if any): Any quotes or phrases you want added. Chief Strategic Officer KSI Logo (yes/no): Do you want the KSI logo implemented? Yuhhh Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Specific size, colors, style, etc.? I trust and love yalls work. I know youll hook it up. Looking at you @December Most Recent Past Request: Please provide a link your last request topic. (Type "FIRST REQUEST" here if you have no past requests) Firt request for ya mans
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