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  1. Hello KSI, My name is KSI xHostile. I am a Sergeant in Templar squad within Sovereign Legacy. I talked to a number of people to get this tournament approved and this is where I'll lay out the details. It'll be a multi-phase tournament but the last phase is a single run warzone tournament. Depending upon how many people sign up we will need to do preliminary team deathmatches on Call of Duty Modern Warfare where we will take the best based off of score over the course of multiple games to move onto the warzone phase, as we will only have the best 12 people move on to the warzone tournament
  2. Spirit Animal is a great band. Regular World JFK Karma Big Bad Road Dog. All Great songs
  3. KSI xHostilex

    DC or Marvel?

    Completely depends on media. Comics, movies, tv shows, animated movies, but to give a bottom line Id say Marvel. They tend to drop a lot of bombs like captain America being Hydra. DC just never tells you the answers to their secrets and throws some super powered being at the heroes that they accidentally manage to beat.
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