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LB Spirit Week Sign Up Thread

Spirit Week Forum Champ Poll  

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    • KSI FuzzyMeep 7
    • KSI Cero 7
    • KSI CHAOS 7
    • KSI Ace 7

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KSI Spirit Week Daily Challenge Sign Up:

Use this thread to discuss your divisional strategies and communicate sign ups. All participating members MUST be approved by the Division Leader (or highest rank in the Div).

All details and info for the events can be found here -


All teams must be messaged to me by the Div Leader (or leader he/she designates) at least 3 hours prior to the event. Non-compliance to this rule will result in a forfeit by your division for that event.

ALL Monday-Thursday events will be held at 8pm EST.

Friday event is from 9pm est - 12am est

Saturday Event starts at 8pm est

Day 1- Monday July 16 - Team Trivia

  • 1. KSI Drake 7
  • 2. KSI ShadowDelta
  • 3. KSI Avozi
  • 4. KSI Airborn 7

    Day 2- Tuesday July 17 - FFA Extravaganza
    • Only one representative per game type, per division.
    • MW3 - 1.
    • Halo Reach - 1.

      Day 3- Wednesday July 18 - KSI Impressions/Pride
      • No sign ups are necessary.
      • Impressions - Reply with your video/link to video on the KSI Spirit Week Video on http://www.youtube.c...eKSIProductions
      • Minecraft Pride - Submit Photos here with your entry. (You must screenshot the logo on mine craft, and then host the image and post the link to that image here.)

        Day 4- Thursday July 19 - Admin/BOD Silliness

        • ALL MEMBERS ARE ELIGIABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT! Please just cast your vote in the poll at the top of this page. (Reminder: All polls are monitored, do NOT create secondary accounts to get more votes/DO NOT vote in other divisions polls)

        Day 5- Friday July 20 - Clan Ops Killers

        [*]No sign up is necessary, KSI QueenJess 7 will verify all results with the Global Clan Leaders. Any member who participates in the clan op and is NOT on Access Denied, will not be counted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

        Day 6- Saturday July 21 - 5k Tourney - 4 man team for MW3 Core TDM match





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LB I am personally proud of all of you who put time and effort into participating in this. I am very happy to see how everyone is working as a team. Please remember you KSI respects please so make sure you keep a good attitude during game play. LETS WIN THIS FELLAS =0

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