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  1. KSI BadKitty 7 - Mad Max

    I can witness to kitty’s craziness because she takes it all out on people with door knobs. (They hurt truthfully) honestly it’s comes across more of an addiction then it needs to be. Leaving parties and friends that she hangs out with to handle ksi work at all hours of the night then coming back to take it out on gambit in games that we play. It’s a real feels bad that people are making her an aggressive meow meow.
  2. KSI Gambit 7 - Multiple Nominations

    We are lazy and when it comes to noms. Not the be confused with moms unless that’s your thing. (No kink shaming from me.) gambit our little nugget is one of the strongest directors we had in a long time. Most of what i posted on kitty’s app applies to gambit also. They work seamlessly together and have built a power house division. As head and co-head of TnE I would say have showed in the activity across the board for that department. Not to mention we bully him so hard idk why he’s still in this community, let’s be fair he’s taken his lumps and deserves trophy of some sorts. Edit: plez give award or i’ll find you people and put glitter on your floors.
  3. KSI BadKitty 7 - Multiple Nominations

    I can attest to OS2. I’ve known kit kat for a short period of time but stalking her division from an IA standpoint before she was promoted to director it was in short one of the most secure divisions we have in this community. A good feat in my opinion. If IA isn’t your cup of tea, she has ran one a department as one of the most if not the most successful head of TnE. With that being said I’ve also played in many TnE events throughout my career and I will say recent TnE has ran smoother than some of the previous I’ve been in. Finally if department stuff isn’t your cup of tea, (we get it you hate tea you communist) then she has a very very solid division in terms of clan ops. Obviously seeing that two of our more recent directors have came out of DM it doesn’t suprise anyone that I’m bringing up the clan ops aspect. Her and gambit along with the entire leadership staff are a well knit crew who handle things in the utmost positive way in the community. They may bully each other a lot but when it comes to work they get it done. It may be the main reason I complain at her the most,she always bounces in matches of pubg to handle KSIregardless of time and it becomes a problem sometimes where I want to blacklist KSI from KSI. That way maybe just maybe we will get a full night without her leaving 3 or 4 times. Don’t usually come in the AAP to witness for people and I don’t even do it for OTY to avoid favoritism but hey she deserves it.
  4. KSI FadeZ 7. Squad Splitter

    I can verify for it, we were doing work back then with growing that division
  5. What time zone should be "KSI Time"??

    Central is a far superior time zone, anyone who thinks different is clearly a communist. #BetterDeadThanRed
  6. Workshop meeting notes

    Notes will be added and archived here of attendance and personal notes from representatives.
  7. GEN Workshop

    *designed for hands on class of small group or one-on-one training* GENERAL (GEN) General test
  8. CPT Workshop

    Captain (CPT)
  9. LT Workshop

    Lieutenant workshop Part 1 (LT):
  10. SGT Workshop

    SGT workshop
  11. Code of Conduct

    1. Every KSI member must read and understand the Xbox Live® Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. (Obviously, you play on Xbox Live and had to agree to the terms of service in order to participate in XBL, so it goes without saying that we expect you to follow the guidelines outlined there) 2. KSI does not tolerate discrimination in any form, including but not limited to racism, sexism, or harassment, by or towards, any member of KSI in any situation. When you are participating in the forums, XBL or any other activity that is part of the KSI community, you represent KSI, even in non-KSI related games if you have changed your gamertag, and you should represent KSI in a positive fashion. You made the decision to be part of this community and you should, by example, encourage others to do the same. Do not make fun of anyone because of their race, gender, religion, region of the world, accent, etc. Treat everyone with respect.) 3. Leaders within KSI are responsible for: the organization of all squad matches and practices; Maintaining professional game play during squad matches, as well as oversight and evaluation of performance and behavior of lower ranking members. (This does not apply to you yet, since you are a new recruit, but it should inspire you to gain higher ranks so that you can start to take part in the employment of these activities as a leader. Additionally, this also gives you a guideline of what to expect from your leaders so that you can, politely and with tact, help them make sure that they are setting the proper example and leading effectively. If you see something that seems off then you should work to get promoted so that you can have more influence in taking care of your other members.) 4. A KSI member: NEVER LEAVES ANOTHER KSI MEMBER BEHIND. (This is pretty self-explanatory. If a member goes down in the game and can be revived, then revive them. It also applies to other situations though: If a member has a question, concern, or other issue that you can help them with, please do so. We like to think of KSI as being a family and the way that we promote that way of thinking is by taking care of each other.) 5. All members have an “Open Door Policy” to speak with Leaders on any issues or with any ideas. But still impress the responsibility to report to the appropriate leaders within the KSI Chain of Command. (You, as a member of KSI, have the right to talk to your leadership about issues, both your own and ones within the squad/division/clan. However, please make sure that you follow proper protocol and take the issue to your LT or CPT first so that they are aware of the issue. No one likes to be blindsided with an issue and it is respectful to let your immediate level of leadership know/try to help before it must go higher. Additionally, you can post any issues on the forums, which are an invaluable resource and tool. Check out my bio for the address and make sure to sign up for the forums. You will be able to meet other members and build connections with hundreds of other players on XBL. Once you register, make sure you check your email and validate your logon so that you can start posting.) 6. A KSI member takes pride in his or her membership and is encouraged but not forced to change their gamer tag to reflect KSI. (You absolutely do not have to change your gamertag in order to be a happy and successful member of KSI. Many players are just casual gamers that want to have a large player base to associate with. However, if you want to get promoted to the rank of SGT or higher, then you will need to change your gamertag in order to reflect your affiliation to KSI. By changing your gamertag, you are advertising KSI in any game that you play on XBL, even outside of the regular KSI games. This is a good thing! When you change your gamertag, you are saying I am proud to be in KSI and I want everyone to know that KSI is awesome enough to add to my gamertag. As long as you continue to represent KSI positively, this will lead to people asking you about the KSI in your gamertag and that will give you the chance to talk about KSI and possibly get a new recruit!) 7. KSI members must maintain a professional manner and attitude during play as well as within lobby, party and KSI based chats in order to represent KSI as a positive gaming community. (If you are in a lobby and someone starts cussing you out or talking trash, MUTE THEM! Show that you are the better person and just use the Mighty Mute Button. Not only does that show the other person that they have no power over your emotions, but it also shows the other players in the lobby that members of KSI maintain a high standard of conduct, which will possibly lead to people wanting to join and then you will be able to recruit them! You also need to make sure to maintain proper conduct when using the forums.) 8. KSI members are not permitted to be a part of any other gaming community or clan other than KSI. (Once you get logged onto the forums, you will be able to access the thread about our affiliates. Make sure that you associate only with our affiliates and if you have questions about other possible affiliates, feel free to use the Open Door Policy to ask your leadership questions about it, but definitely get on the forums and check it out too.) 9. The lowest allowed age to be recruited into KSI is: 15. (While recruiting members into the community, ask their age prior to giving them the required age to join. This will ensure they are the proper age before recruitment.) 10. The list of prohibited activities includes, but is not limited to: Illegal Drugs, Software Alteration, Modding of Games, Console Manipulation, Other Forms of Piracy, Racketeering, Money laundering, Blackmail, Murder, Child Pornography, Prostitution, Bestiality, Incest, Slavery, Fraud, Cannibalism, Theft, Vigilantism, Harassment, Stolen Valor and Acts of Treason. (If you are doing anything in your personal life that violates these rules; KEEP THEM IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. We are not trying to control your personal life however; we maintain a positive and uplifting environment in our forums and game sessions. So, please, don’t talk about eating people in our games.) ALL KSI MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE KSI “CODE OF CONDUCT”. Members who violate any portion of the KSI Code of Conduct may be subject to removal from this community at any time.
  12. Internal Affairs Workshop

    (woskshop coming soon) This workshop will mainly focus on how to spot potential threats, background check, how to minimize poaching/drama, and how to overall increase internal issues within your squad or division!
  13. HR Workshop Ideas/Suggestions

    Have an idea or suggestion that could better KSI as a whole? Let us know!
  14. HR Representatives and Staff

    (list coming soon)
  15. Human Resources Team Chat

    This is where you can talk to all the members of the team. Feel free to chat it up.