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    all kinds of animes SAO, Bleach, Etc.
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  1. KSI Paratroop 7 added a post in a topic Spirit Week Shout Out   

    Good luck to everyone
  2. KSI Paratroop 7 added a post in a topic Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge   

    Good luck to all of you guys and gals 💜
  3. KSI Paratroop 7 added a post in a topic Spirit Week Shout Out   

    Atm the events are my available, they will be given out soon so every division can have some awesome teams ready! thank you and be on the look for it
  4. KSI Paratroop 7 added a post in a topic DR Member Histories   

    I will be editing this post to add a lot of stuff. I assisted in building of DR as a gen and up when it split from DL. I'm also the one who splitted the div to make CO
  5. KSI Paratroop 7 added a post in a topic Fuzzymeeps KSI History (work in progress)   

    That crap was crazy fuzzy but I'm glad it ended that way lol. Great story static lets keep this going Idc if you joined a week ago throw your experiences in here.
  6. KSI Paratroop 7 added a post in a topic Fuzzymeeps KSI History (work in progress)   

    Seems like I'm the second here go team!

    (I already have something written up on my account so I took it and placed it in here. I will be more descriptive on it.) also I ain't no English major, so enjoy that double negative and all the mess ups.

    As my info says I was recruited on January 14,2010 *long ass time ago* by KSI Bricksquad. Compared to now it seems like KSI was the Wild West. Originally joining I assumed KSI was just like any other community/clan with about 40 people in it. I ran a couple before I jumped into KSI, but after a little time in a realized how big it was. Never really thought it would impact me this much to be honest.

    whats up guys and gals my names Cory also known as KSI Paratroop 7. I joined KSI on 1/14/10 in the Division Special Ops and squad Naplam. My friend and I were recruited the same day also we changed our names while being recruited. within 2 days of being in my squad I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in a week from that day I was promoted to a 1st Captain. Within 2 weeks of being in KSI I was promoted to the rank of Co-founder (yes i was promoted very fast lol.)

    (I stepped down after a week because I knew I was promoted too fast. I became a general over a squad called Defcon and built it up then split it. On to the next part!)

    after becoming a Co-Founder my skills as a leader were tested when I got promoted to a Founder. My Co-Division Leader and Division Leader got into a huge arguement causing them to eventually leave KSI. leaving me as a fresh new Founder to run a whole entire division. I successfully built Special Ops to 300 plus members.

    (To make a long story short, they couldn't agree who was more manly got into a huge fight and the founder made his own division without any approval. Then merged it into RI. I could've gone with him and gave up on my career in KSI. After being poached none stop by multiple communities this was kinda the start of me checking my info and getting good at security even when I wasn't apart of IA at the time.)

    I was promoted along side KSI QueenJess 7 to Division Leader ( the senior leadership told us we were demoted to trick us Chaos almost died lol. i will remember that promotion forever.)

    LIKE A DEER IN HEADLIGHTS IT WAS SCARY WHEN SHE RAISED HER VOICE. This was also the start of a long line of ass kicking Jess gave me. We ran head to head very often and tried to rile up the other divs to be more competitive. Yes Jess didn't show any mercy with spanking me.

    When more issues occured from other communities my division fell to 100 members 3 times and we successfully brought it back every single time with the help of my directors including KSI Stryker 7 and KSI Chaos 7. On the fourth time however a member successfully took 2 and a half squads with him. Special Ops not being able to bounce back from this merged into Dark Legions after 4 months.

    (This was also during the removal of Bill so it was ultimately easier to merge into a division. I went over to build a squad called sythe, once it was stable I stepped away for about a month. Chaos messaged me one day said come back and i came back simple as that lol.)

    Once Dark Legions split i changed my name back to KSI and built Divine Reign to be one of the best divisions in KSI.

    (Long list of work I did here. We did very well and I think honestly this is where I learned to be a leader and was taught a lot.)

    I created my very own division called Covert Ops (CO) on April 29,2012. It's been my pride and joy while I was the Division leader over it.
    (You can't explain how much a div means to you until you build your own, you evolve into a momma bear.)
    I've been a director over Covert Ops, Divine Reign, Forsaken Nightmare, Last Strike, Forced Induction, Legendary Warriors, Altered Vengence, Evil Ties, Immortal Outlaws, Eternal Souls, Wicked Intent, Forgotten Gods, Explosive Ordinance, and Demonic Mayhem. My past has kinda been riddled with security issues so that's why I'm so uptight about issues within the community. Basically this sums up my almost 5 years now within KSI. Nothing too fancy but we've had a blast in the thing we called a community but in reality it's an extended family.