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  1. Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge

    Putting my vote in for LS.
  2. Official Spirit Week Forum Challenge 2014

    LS has that forums activity <3
  3. KSIxScotland - Multiple Awards (Awarded)

    Name: KSIxScotland Link to Forums Account Award-/-Achievement: Ice Breaker Reason-/-Evidence: Award-/-Achievement: KSI Mentor Reason-/-Evidence: He has personally mentored all his officers, and I'm sure at least 5 will take the time to witness for it. Award-/-Achievement: Trainer Reason-/-Evidence: He's definitely trained well over 30 members in his time...
  4. KSIxScotland Member Assistance nomination (Awarded)

    Just the fact he's been a general for 8 months is evidence enough that he is eligible for member assistance, but I know you guys need witnesses, so here I am! I've seen him answer question after question for new and old members, and he's always genuinely happy to help anyone with any questions they may have (:
  5. Name: KSIxScotland Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service Reason-/-Evidence: Having known Scotland since the day he joined KSI, I can honestly say he has been outstanding every second. The fact that he won General of the Month last month proves it, and it's just odd that he hasn't gotten OS yet. I was his general when he joined, then his co-founder and founder. November 23 of last year I said that if I ever stepped down to squad level, he's the type of leader I would enjoy being under. Now, half a year later, here I am. I've seen the amazing things he's done and all the hard work he puts into his squad. He takes a personal interest in every single member in his squad to make sure they're experiencing KSI the way it's meant to be experienced: as a fun, mature environment. He goes so far as to host a UK meeting for the people in his squad that can't make the normal time, and host UK game nights for them as well. He will do anything to make sure everyone in his squad has the experience they deserve. He's been a general for over 7 months, and I have seen nothing short of outstanding while above or below him. When having to work long shifts almost daily, he still stays up as long as 5AM to make sure everything is running correctly. He takes time into training and building a relationship with his officers so that they can all work together as a team towards the success of Echo. He becomes close friends with them all, yet if needed, he doesn't hesitate to demote them. He's active with his squad, participating in most of the US game nights, although they start at 2am his time. He cares about his members' opinions and feelings, and takes time to make sure their concerns are heard. His entire squad adores him, and I'm sure that will be obvious once they start to witness for his Outstanding Service.
  6. Name: KSI XxNIRVANAxX Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: Good Karma Reason-/-Evidence: He has 101 Positive reputation on the forums.
  7. KSI D3StRuCtIon Multiple Award Nomination (Awarded)

    As Destructions's Founder, I can witness that he is an active member on the Echo HeadHunter's team As for Member Assistance, I have witnessed him helping members not only in his squad, but the division. He's always willing to lend a helping hand and he will answer any question or help with any issue that he can. He doesn't help out just to look good or for a promotion, he simply wants to be helpful for the better good of his squad. He definitely deserves Member Assistance for all the contributions he's made dealing with issues and freely giving his knowledge.
  8. KSI Tax Day Challenge

    Last Strike<3 We're gonna break that 750 (:
  9. KSI Echo LS Swat Team Nominations. (Awarded)

    As their Founder, I can witness for these awards.

    Happy Valentines Day to KSI and Last Strike! I love all of you <3 And especially my Pokemon! You guys are the best (:
  11. AAP Of the Month: January 2014 Nominations! (Closing February 20th)

    Director Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Paratroop 7 (Director - LS/WI/FG) Link to forums account -ίરίτθ-kuɴ/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Paratroop has been a great help to LS recently. We were a tad short staffed, and he made sure we kept everything rolling and took a lot of stress off of us. He was a huge help in making sure our squad split went well, considering it was Last Strike’s first one in a very long time. He’s constantly sending out motivational messages and stays active with everyone in the community. He’s always reachable when I need him and ready to lend a hand or even some advice. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Prophet 7 (Co-Founder - Last Strike) Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Prophet came back to KSI after being on military leave for a long time. Needless to say, things are slightly different now. Despite that, he came back full force and readjusted to things beautifully. I know if it was me, I would have trouble getting back into the swing of things after being gone for so long. I admire how well he’s adapted and how hard he’s been working, especially coming into a division with no one he knows. He has dedicated himself fully to Last Strike, and I’m proud to have him in my division. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI FenrirsFury (General - Memories LS) Link to forums account - Reasoning why the deserve this - Having known this member since I was a sergeant, I know his entire history in KSI. He has never had it easy, but has ALWAYS remained positive and level-headed. His general abruptly bailed on the squad, which caught all the officers by surprise. He hadn’t been prepared for general, but he confidently stepped up and stayed strong. With his example, his officers quickly recovered from the shock. The general before him didn’t leave his squad in the best shape. The numbers were high, but come to find out, most of the members hadn’t participated in months. He has spent his entire time as general thus far doing his best to get members active and slowly defluffing. His squad has shown considerable improvement, and he’s led them without showing any doubt or faltering. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Kazekage (General - Desolate LS) Link to forums account- Reasoning why they deserve this - The first thing I ever said to Kazekage was, “Where did you come from?†He was at the general’s meeting covering for his general who couldn’t make it. I wasn’t his Co-Founder, but I still knew most of the officers in the division. Yet I hadn’t met him. He joined, and immediately started working his butt off and ripped through the ranks. Before anyone could blink, he was first captain and about to take general of the squad split. He rose up faster than most people, and as soon as you meet him, you’ll understand why. He is a natural leader, and he leads effortlessly. He was a vital part of Fallen splitting into Desolate, working to motivate everyone under him. He did amazing things as a captain, and I’m already seeing the great things he’s bringing as a general. Lieutenant Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI RockDaWorld (Lieutenant - Echo LS) Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Rock is one of the most consistent officers I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t do a ton of work one week, and then nothing for the next week. He can be depended on to constantly do his job without needing reminding, and shows a level of maturity few have in KSI. He’s extremely involved with the members in the squad, and never causes drama. He has extreme dedication to his squad, and despite his full time job, he stays very active.
  12. AAP Staff Applications: Closing February 20th

    Name/Gamertag: KSI Shivah 7 Rank (If applicable): Last Strike Founder Time spent on the forums (Daily): It varies. Some days I'm on all day, and some days I'm just on for about two hours. It depends on what needs to be done. Experience and Time in KSI: In web ops, I have been a T&E staff member and a News Team Editor. I am currently the LS Section Mod and Co-Head of the News Team. I've been in clan ops for 11 months, and in a leadership position for at least 10 out of the 11 months. Skype (Required to be on Staff): KSIIceQueen7 Why you feel you should be picked to join the AAP (Please provide details): I'm pretty much addicted to the forums and KSI itself. I love working to make our community as great as it is, and I want to experience every department. I have a solid understanding of how the award system works, including the Of the Month and Of the Year awards. I know the requirements for most of the awards. I have experience in decision making and know how to judge fairly. I can always provide an unbiased opinion. I believe firmly in the motivation that AAP gives to members. I understand that activity as an AAP staff member is important, I would be able to give it 100%. I'm always waiting for the AAP staff applications to come up! I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to be part of this department. Thank you for your consideration.
  13. Head Hunters Team Nom (Awarded)

    As his Founder, I can witness for this award.