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About Me

My KSI History

Number of Recruits: over 1,000... most were back on Halo 2

Most recruits in one day = 73 on Halo 2

NO SPAMMING Recent players for recruits!!! worst and laziest way to recruit. Quality beats Quantity any day.



KSI Shamen 7

KSI Hellhound 7

KSI MsNaughty


Orginal GT: Pastries

recruited by KSI NoScopeKing

KSI Shogun SA Pvt                   12/1/06

KSI Shogun SA Pvt 1st Class    12/10/06 (requirement 5 recruits)

KSI Shogun SA Corporal           12/11/06 (req 10 rec)

KSI Shogun SA  -  Sergeant                  3/4/07 (req KSI Tag)  made GT: KSI Pastries

KSI Wushu SA  -  General In Trainning  3/8/07 (req Leut, Cpt trainning)

KSI Shogun SA  -  General                    3/12/07 (req Gen. in Trainning)

Left KSI to go play soccer at college


Rejoined                                  10/2/08

KSI Mafia H2  -  Sergeant           

KSI OutLaw H2  -  Sergeant        

KSI Exiled H2  -  Sergeant           

KSI Exiled H2  -  2nd Leutenant   

KSI Exiled H2  -  1st Leutenant    

KSI Exiled H2  -  2nd Captain       

KSI Exiled H2  -  1st Captain         

KSI Exiled H2  -  Major                  

KSI Exiled H2  -  General              

KSI Exiled H2  -  Co-Founder         made GT: KSI Pastries 7

KSI Exiled H2  -  Founder              

KSI Shogun H2  -  Founder           

KSI H2  -  Co-Division Leader        

KSI H2  -  Division Leader              

Co-Created HX and TW (w/ my Co-Div Ldr: KSI Soze7 and Founder: KSI Vanished 7)

KSITW  -  Division Leader

KSI HX  -  Division Leader ***Created before the original KSI split           

Stepped Down because I got a new job

KSI Commando HX  -  Sergeant                     

Left KSI for School and work



rerecruited by KSI Goddess

KSI Memories LS   -  Sergeant

KSI Memories LS   -  Staff Sergeant

Left KSI because both the Gen and Co-Fo were inactive for over a month



Intereseted in rejoining a Halo 4 squad


I raised KSI Exiled H2 out of the ashes from consistently having around 30 members to maintaining 95 plus active members for over 4 months straight.  I have to thank KSI Soze 7 for being my right hand man during the rise of Exiled.