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  1. thinking of editing an image for a mate

  2. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    ok so does any one want a suggestion.
  3. yes just got bo2 now all i need is credit and i can have a go at cod online

  4. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    No problem and if you would like a suggestion comment me here or send me a message
  5. KSI Store goods

    i have an idea for a product how about a KSI stubby Cooler or a KSI folder.
  6. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    Its has a complicated structure but simply put yes and no like i said in the spoiler it depends on what the person likes for example there is young male going out to buy an anime/manga he can buy any type he wont's from shounen to shoujo(shoujo is a genre which is the female version of Shounen) however there is types of manga/anime that you can not buy unless you are a over the age that it is required to buy said manga/anime. one of the genre i left out is one of thous types of manga/anime.
  7. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    ok all the listed genres apply to both anime and manga how ever i have taken out 2 genre because they were against the code of conduct for ksi(if you would like to know send me a messge). If you would like i could suggest a good shounen manga that you may like and a good website where you can read it (this manga will contain horror) and an awesome anime that you may like with a website.(this anime will contain violence and it is a Seinen).
  8. KSI Store goods

    hey guys i was also wondering how do you buy awards from the award list and how much does one cost averagely
  9. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    Domo some people don't like the genre shounen they could like lets say a shoujo that is where i can give them advise to see a good shoujo like Tamako Market or Yama no Susume and if they need info like whats is the story about i tell them(if they would like to know). oh and Domo how many hours of anime/manga do you watch/read in one week. i watch over 6 hours a day of anime and i read 3 hours a day of manga.
  10. Hey guys.this topic is mostly for people who are new to anime/manga and would like a push to some of the good one in the genre/s they like most. List of genre's Comment the genre you like best and i will lead you in right direction.(if you don't know what some of the genre names mean send me a message.) If you just want to discuss anime and manga here you are welcome and i will reply if asked
  11. In a world where there is nothing but darkness i sit waiting and lusting the warm embrace of someone's light

  12. God of gaming11 Forge team award (Awarded)

    Thanks Grumpy.
  13. KSI Store goods

    i agree withTechShaman on that
  14. KSI Store goods

    the reason for me asking is because i would like to be able to buy the t's and hoodie's as well not just the stickers. oh and a quick side question can you use your KSI GE points to buy the items in the store.