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  1. thinking of editing an image for a mate

  2. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    ok so does any one want a suggestion.
  3. yes just got bo2 now all i need is credit and i can have a go at cod online

  4. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    No problem and if you would like a suggestion comment me here or send me a message
  5. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    Its has a complicated structure but simply put yes and no like i said in the spoiler it depends on what the person likes for example there is young male going out to buy an anime/manga he can buy any type he wont's from shounen to shoujo(shoujo is a genre which is the female version of Shounen) however there is types of manga/anime that you can not buy unless you are a over the age that it is required to buy said manga/anime. one of the genre i left out is one of thous types of manga/anime.
  6. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    ok all the listed genres apply to both anime and manga how ever i have taken out 2 genre because they were against the code of conduct for ksi(if you would like to know send me a messge). If you would like i could suggest a good shounen manga that you may like and a good website where you can read it (this manga will contain horror) and an awesome anime that you may like with a website.(this anime will contain violence and it is a Seinen).
  7. New to anime or manga come here to discuss.

    Domo some people don't like the genre shounen they could like lets say a shoujo that is where i can give them advise to see a good shoujo like Tamako Market or Yama no Susume and if they need info like whats is the story about i tell them(if they would like to know). oh and Domo how many hours of anime/manga do you watch/read in one week. i watch over 6 hours a day of anime and i read 3 hours a day of manga.
  8. Hey guys.this topic is mostly for people who are new to anime/manga and would like a push to some of the good one in the genre/s they like most. List of genre's Comment the genre you like best and i will lead you in right direction.(if you don't know what some of the genre names mean send me a message.) If you just want to discuss anime and manga here you are welcome and i will reply if asked
  9. In a world where there is nothing but darkness i sit waiting and lusting the warm embrace of someone's light

  10. God of gaming11 Forge team award (Awarded)

    Thanks Grumpy.
  11. News_Pranks And Funny Ways To Ambush Your Friends

    i tried the under the bed trick but instead of a bed i used the staircase at a friends place i got so many people within the 1st 10 min it was not funny i was going for the last person of the day. there goes my hand and then i grabbed it.next thing i knew i was on the ground with a numbing pain in my right hand.terns out 2 of my victims had a great idea for revenge by putting a fake metal leg down with a car battery hooked up to it. they got me back all right. but still when i herd about how they planed it. it was so funny. moral of the story i got what was coming to me and some advice NEVER do this ever.
  12. God of gaming11 Forge team award (Awarded)

    ok thanks KSI Mystique 77 i will see if KSI Grumpy can be my witness
  13. God of gaming11 Forge team award (Awarded)

    Name: God of gaming11 Crisis WI Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/18502-god-of-gaming11/ Award-/-Achievement: Forge team award Reason-/-Evidence: Part of Crisis forge team (was put in forge team by KSI Direguard )
  14. YAY! New Member

    Welcome To KSI. Tony