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  1. What Quote is on your Mind?

    “Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” ~ William Faulkner (American Author)
  2. KSI RiiOT 7 - Outstanding Service Level 3

    It is my pleasure to attest to this Outstanding Service Level 3 (Gold) Award for @KSI RiiOT 7 Although I'm not currently connected to Web-Ops and/or Department-Ops in any way, I see (and benefit from) the vast amount of time, effort, and dedication KSI RiiOT 7 (RiiOT) puts forth simply by my use of these forums. Please note that my attestation will differ significantly from those above based on my personal experience and observations. I first met RiiOT in January of this year through a post I made in the Open-Door Area (Suggestions) here on the forums. As a person who, at the time, did not use the forums often, I was extremely frustrated with minimum post requirements pertaining to Graphics Department requests and other departments with similar requirements. RiiOT read my post and his response - above all others - stood out to me, as he was courteous, professional, and seemed to really understand what exactly I was trying to convey/where I stood. To this day, I truly appreciate his well-written response and his genuine empathetic tone (at a time when other leaders responding to my post issued downvotes; some giving caustic, incendiary responses). As time passed, I've interacted more and more with RiiOT, whether here on the forums or on Demonic Mayhem's Discord Server. These interactions have only served to solidify the fact that RiiOT remains the very same humble, courteous, professional, and extremely hard-working person I first met. From that first meeting right here on the forums, RiiOT remains a driving and ever-present force on KSIforums.org. I've witnessed RiiOT's promotion to Head of the Awards and Achievements as well as his promotion to User Support Administrator. Through all of this, RiiOT, by my observation remains kind, humble, and gracious. It is my opinion that RiiOT has not forgotten where he started in KSI, and his humility and ability to empathize with members of all ranks and positions - whether in Clan-Ops, Web-Ops, and/or Department-Ops - above all the copious awards and recognition he's received, speaks volumes for his character and is but only fragment of why he deserves the Gold Outstand Service Award. From a Clan-Ops perspective, RiiOT is an interactive "Super Sergeant Ultra First Class" (showing his sense of humor by his title) in Demonic Mayhem's Discord Squad. He's frequently on the Discord app. with words of encouragement, important announcements, and friendly banter with members of Discord Squad or the general population of Demonic Mayhem. At one point during a Clan-Ops workshop, I was asked by the workshop's host, "Where do you see yourself in KSI one year from now?" Not realizing the breadth and depth of RiiOT's time, experience, accomplishments, and sheer dedication to KSI, I quickly answered, "I'd like to be where RiiOT is." The more I've learned about RiiOT and what he's accomplished and continues to accomplish in KSI, I now realize that this will take far, far longer than one year's time! RiiOT inspires me to work harder to accomplish my goals here in KSI, and I'm certain he does the same for so many other members across KSI, no matter the rank or position held. RiiOT is a true pillar of this community, and I sincerely appreciate his time, hard-work, and unwavering dedication. I'll end my attestation with words that I'm certain RiiOT is familiar with. By and through his service and actions in his years with KSI, and as outlined by those leaders/witnesses posting above, RiiOT is objectively one of the best leaders in this community, and by my observation I believe he sets the bar for the very award he's been nominated for by, "...show[ing] success in going above all expectations and provided the best legacy for those that follow them. [RiiOT is] undoubtedly [one] of the best leaders KSI has seen or produced." ~ Gold Outstanding Service Award Requirements
  3. Follow The Leader

  4. Follow The Leader

  5. So You Think You Can Write - September 2018

    “Top 3 pieces of advice you wish you’d gotten when you were recruited into KSI.” • Original recruit date: February 12, 2017 • 1st piece of advice: Get out there and get involved. Use the Discord app., join game nights, meet people from your squad, other squads within your division, and even other divisions. Network! • 2nd piece of advice: Find a leader in the community you feel comfortable speaking with about ideas, concerns, or just life in general. Use the open-door policy to your benefit. • 3rd piece of advice: Do not be afraid to ask questions about KSI and how this community functions. Don't be left guessing how things works, just ask.
  6. Follow The Leader

  7. What Quote is on your Mind?

    “These violent delights have violent ends.” ~ William Shakespeare
  8. DM FC 2018 Div HoF Nomination Thread

    Information on Nominee: Division: Demonic Mayhem Gamertag: KSI FluffyPup 7 Link to Profile: @KSI FluffyPup 7 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: Founder Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Awards: (listed in order received) Gamerscore Hoarder, Member of the Month, Lieutenant of the Month, Committed, New Member Certified, Squad Leadership Certified, That's So Fetch, Basic Training Certified, All Star, General of the Month: Divisional, Spring Break 2018, Train the Trainer Certified, Member Assistance, HeadHunter, Divisional Leadership Certified, Monthly 7 Spotlight, Praise Be Thy Cat, Spirit Week 2018, I Love RiiOT Testimony: Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. I respectfully nominate KSI FluffyPup 7 as a candidate for KSI's Demonic Mayhem Divisional Hall of Fame as a Charter Inductee. "Kyle" as I know him, deserves this award and the accompanying Outstanding Service Level 1 Award because he consistently goes far, far above and beyond to ensure that Demonic Mayhem functions properly with only himself and the Division Leader currently at the helm. Our division suddenly found itself in an extremely poor position with four open Seven slots (needing two Co-Founders, A Founder, and a Co-Division Leader), and Kyle has stuck with us through it all, visibly pushing himself harder by making himself available to any/all members. Kyle puts himself out there, and in my opinion, is one of the most active and visible Sevens (serving in that capacity, rather than in title only) I've seen during my entire time in KSI. Not only does Kyle keep division morale high by listening, observing, and advising, but he maintains Demonic Mayhem Radio, which is a dedicated YouTube channel containing the compilation of songs all members of Demonic Mayhem post in the Division's Discord Music Channel. Kyle regularly maintains and updates the Demonic Mayhem Radio YouTube channel himself. In addition, Kyle maintains a separate Discord server entitled, KSI: Everything You Need To Know. Kyle built this server from the ground up and it's used effectively by many of our division's officers, myself included. This dedicated server is for officers/aspiring officers and contains literally everything a KSI Officer could possibly need, at the click of a mouse, or the press of a cell screen. Again, Kyle regularly maintains and updates this server with the most accurate information and pertinent KSI-related links available. Furthermore, Kyle truly enjoys streaming gameplay and including other KSI members - whether they're in Demonic Mayhem or not - both in his party and in the game. Whether it's PUBG or Overwatch, Kyle always attracts crowds to his parties, because he is a positive force with a level head and good attitude. It's a known fact that people tend to gravitate toward Kyle, and this is evident by how many people want to game with him and/or join his parties. Kyle remains humble, kind, and welcoming no matter the circumstances, but he's not afraid to give you his honest advice/opinion on matters large or small. Lastly, Kyle has the ability to see the "big picture" when others cannot. I've personally leaned on Kyle countless times with KSI-related concerns, and he has never once failed me with his advice. Kyle is pro Clan-Ops through and through, with a dedication to his division like no other member I've witnessed. For me personally, Kyle is the officer who initially inspired me to be a true leader in this community. He continues to do so to this day, nearly one year after meeting him and watching him rise through the ranks. I believe the aforementioned not only addresses any concerns that Kyle, at the very least, deserves the Outstanding Service Level 1 Award, but deserves to be inducted into Demonic Mayhem's Divisional Hall of Fame as a Charter Inductee. Respectfully submitted on this 30th day of August 2018. KSI AWOL
  9. What Quote is on your Mind?

    “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” ~ Thomas Paine
  10. Recharger

    Question: Is it Jesus (as in the Son of God), or Jesús (as in the Spanish name)? Thanks in advance.

    GT: KSI AWOL Rank: 4th Captain Time in KSI: Recruited on February 12, 2017 (one year and six months; last four months serving as an officer) @Hello Im Gandhi Well-stated. I couldn't possibly have phrased this better myself. My experience: I couldn't have asked for a better experience from when I was recruited into KSI from Destiny 1. My recruiter spent nearly a week gaming with me before he asked me if I'd like to join KSI, and I gladly accepted. He took the time to get to know me, the games I played, and all the while he explained to me what KSI was all about. To this day he reaches across from his division to mine and keeps in touch. This man is nearly twenty years my junior, and to this day, I sincerely appreciate the time and effort he put forth to recruit me. Thanks, @September My opinion: Gandhi hit the nail on the head with his comments above. Is the way I was recruited an anomaly? I'd like to think it isn't, but unfortunately where there are quotas in place one may feel unnecessary pressure to meet the quota without undertaking the actual time to find potential members who truly understand what it means to be a part of a large gaming community. From my limited experience with recruiting, I try my best to follow the example set by my recruiter.
  12. Weird Things We Love!

    @KSI Alley Good topic. I can absolutely relate to the gas/diesel comment you made. For me, it's JP-8 (military jet fuel). Reminds me of the good life and good times the Air Force gave me while I was stationed in Las Vegas.
  13. General Chat

    Goodbye & good riddance! #Banned #TSB
  14. Trucks

    Heck, it's only four years later. Maybe you'll get this reply, maybe you won't. At any rate, I'd go with FORD. I'm eyeballing the F-150 Raptor (an extremely low mileage 6.2L or a new 7.0L - whichever I like best), but I've always enjoyed Ford trucks. I've owned two Ford trucks, and both were comfortable, well-built, fun to drive, and quite reliable when properly maintained.
  15. 1st car ideas for 5k or less

    1. My first car...top secret. 2. My recommendations for a *fun, reliable car with parts readily available in the U.S., inexpensive insurance, and $5,000 or less: (A) 2004 Toyota Corolla; (B) 2004 Honda Civic. *Fun-factor may be extremely limited here unless going outside the stated parameters. LOL