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  1. What Quote is on your Mind?

    “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.” ~ Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso
  2. What are you watching?

    Most Expensivest - VICE Better Call Saul - AMC/Netflix F*CK That’s Delicious - VICE Drunk History - Comedy Central King of the Road - VICE
  3. So You Think You Can Write: Your KSI Resume

    Gamertag: KSI AWOL Squad, Division: Discord, Demonic Mayhem Link to Profile: @KSI AWOL Objective: To become a Senior Director in KSI. Summary: Originally recruited into Dark Legions (DL) in February 2017 and quickly promoted to the rank of Sergeant – skipping the rank of Corporal – I subsequently transferred to Demonic Mayhem (DM) in September 2017. After the seventh time being asked to become an officer, I accepted and was promoted to Staff Sergeant in April 2018. I currently serve as Discord Squad’s Fourth Captain and assist my squad’s General with recruiting, training, promoting, and advising on matters ranging from new recruits to officers/potential officers. In addition, I serve on and am second in command of DM’s Welcoming Committee. I truly enjoy KSI, its diverse members, the friends I've made since joining, and the seemingly endless possibilities this organization has to offer. Skills and Strengths: I am a life-long gamer, problem-solver, and an overall people-oriented person. Priding myself on my ability to address nearly any situation that may arise from daily life in KSI or otherwise, I continue my commitment to serving as an officer in KSI. If I do not know the answer to a KSI-related question, I will find the answer! Notable Skills and Strengths: Leadership, problem-solving, communication, impartiality, active listening, and speaking to large and small audiences with the ability to know my audience. Ability to extract fact from fiction and discern the objective from the subjective. I am very familiar with the Discord App. for Gamers on cell/PC as well as KSIforums.org on cell/PC. I pride myself in my ability to execute any administrative task placed before me. Education/Awards/Honors: Notable Awards: Committed, Member of the Month, Sergeant of the Month: Divisional; KSIforums.org Member of the Day on two separate occasions. Work Experience: Recruited by KSI September on February 12, 2017 Promoted to Sergeant by KSI MYDingguss on February 14, 2017 Division Transfer from Dark Legions to Demonic Mayhem on September 20, 2017 Promoted to Staff Sergeant by KSI FluffyPuppr on April 29, 2018 Promoted to Third Lieutenant by KSI God Zeus on May 20, 2018 Promoted to Fourth Captain by KSI God Zeus on June 18, 2018 Job Duties Performed: In addition to the standard duties of a Fourth Captain as set forth in the KSI Handbook, during my short two-and-a-half-month tenure as an officer in KSI, I have recruited five members, promoted twenty-four, and trained thirteen. Community Involvement/Volunteer Work: I’m a proud charter member of DM’s Welcoming Committee, which set the benchmark for all KSI in this area. I host Performance Operations’ New Member Workshop twice monthly, welcoming new members into the community while taking extra time to ensure new members feel welcomed, comfortable, and can navigate through what KSI has to offer. I enjoy taking any extra time needed and volunteer to host various Performance Operations and Division-based workshops, ensuring new/existing members feel comfortable and have more than a basic understanding of how KSI runs. In addition, I subscribe to KSILive via Twitch and have done so for seven consecutive months. Finally, I have anonymously gifted gamertag changes and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions during my tenure as an officer.
  4. Gamertag: KSI AWOL Division: DM Game: Tom Clancy's The Division Link to Clip: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ksi-awol/video/55596928 Description: Rather large NPC ate way too many Ghost Peppers!
  5. June 2018 OTM nominations!

    Co-Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gruntier 7 – CDIV/DM Link to forums account: @KSI Gruntier 7 Reasoning why they deserve this: Gruntier deserves this award because he understands how to handle issues (on any level imaginable) in a transparent, level-headed, and non-convoluted manner. I sincerely appreciate this. “Grunt” or “Eli” as I know him took the time to respond to a question I posed to my General in an officer’s chat. His unexpected yet refreshing “small essay” (his own words) response in the chat truly clarified an important issue, and for that I’m grateful. Lastly, DM is currently without a Div L, and I sincerely believe Grunt – by and through his actions – is already filling these shoes. Thank you, Grunt for always being professional, honest, cool, calm, and collected. Founder Gamertag: KSI Blood 7 – FO/DM Link to forums account: @KSI Blood 7 Reasoning why they deserve this: Blood deserves this award because he is ever-present to support and motivate the Division and its members; no matter is too large or too small. Discord server, he’s there; Forums, he’s there. Message him, tag him, or simply mention his gamertag and he’ll answer the call. This month for Spirit Week, Blood offered up a pre-order copy of Anthem to be raffled off to those who voted/commented on the forums challenge. This isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed Blood do things such as this to motivate DM members. In addition, Blood truly gets things done; I’ve noticed Blood is a man of action. Lastly, he is extremely efficient in executing his myriad of duties, and I truly appreciate this. Thank you, Blood for all your hard work and motivation. Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI FluffyPup 7 – COFO/DM/CRUELTY & DISCORD Link to forums account: @KSI FluffyPup 7 Reasoning why they deserve this: “Kyle” or “Fluff” as I know him, deserves this award for countless reasons. He is extremely dedicated to the morale of our Division by always taking the time for the extra things that make a difference for DM. This month, Kyle took it upon himself to create a channel on DM’s discord server dedicated to this year’s E3 conference. He took the time to sort and post a massive amount of content putting the same at the fingertips of all DM’s members. I was unable to watch E3 this year, but I sincerely appreciate Kyle putting forth maximum effort with this project, allowing me (and the entire Division) to simply find what I’m interested in and click a link. Thanks, Kyle for making DM a fun and safe place to spend time. You are greatly appreciated. General Gamertag: KSIxRomeo – GEN – DM/VENOM Link to forums account: @KSIxROMEO Reasoning why the deserve this: Romeo deserves this award because of his extraordinary patience and willingness to help members from across DM, no matter the squad. I’ve observed Romeo patiently lead/run through Destiny 2 raids with members who’ve never run some of the raids/encounters (myself included), explaining in an easy-to-understand manner how to complete each section. If a member falters, he’s the first to get the member back in action. I’ve witnessed Romeo instill and foster self-confidence in his own squad’s officers/members and beyond. Thank you, Romeo. I appreciate all your help and good humor. LT Gamertag: KSI Whiskey82 – 3LT – DM/DISCORD Link to forums account: @KSI WHISKEY Reasoning why they deserve this: “Whiskey” as I know him, deserves this award because he always puts his best foot forward, going out of his way to assist members of DM. Specifically, new recruits. This month, Whiskey tried many times (and in the process, spending a large amount of time) to help two recruits who’d either lost access to Xbox Live due to a lost password or had a glitch which prevented their bio/location from displaying on their Xbox Live profile. Finally, Whiskey is not afraid to speak up when something is amiss. He is a strong, efficient officer with true leadership qualities, and I sincerely appreciate his time and assistance in making Discord Squad a great place to be. Thanks, Whiskey for constantly and consistently contributing to the success of our Division/Squad and for not being afraid to speak up/speak your mind.
  6. What Quote is on your Mind?

    “Assume nothing, question everything.” ~James Patterson (American Author)
  7. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Git 'er dun DM!
  8. Puns

    How did I escape Iraq? Iran. ...exiting stage right.
  9. Shoulda been Co-op Campaigns

    I would have to say Doom and Wolfenstein would be interesting campaigns to play co-op. Nice post idea, man!
  10. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag: KSI AWOL Award Desired/Needed: Train the Trainer Certified Link to forums profile: @KSI AWOL Evidence: Completed Train the Trainer Certification workshop hosted by @KSI Kratos18 on 6/1/18.
  11. May Monthly Spotlight!

    Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) – KSI God Zeus (GEN – DM/DISCORD) Link to forums account or @ mention - @KSI God Zeus Reasoning why they deserve this – “Bryan” as I know him deserves this award because of his exemplary performance as a newly-minted General. I view Bryan as a type of coach who is always pushing his squad to do better and to be better - every. single. day. Since our squad is without a Captain at the moment, Bryan is right there in the trenches with the rest of his officers recruiting, training, promoting, and making new members feel welcome. Essentially, Bryan does the work of both a Captain and a General simultaneously, while continuing to keep our Division very well-informed of KSI-related items through his Marketing Department duties (timely and consistently posting detailed Marketing Department information with links in DM’s Discord Server). Bryan currently wears many hats, and he wears them all very, very well. Bryan serves as a role model officer, both inspiring and instilling confidence in all who surround him. 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) – KSI FluffyPup 7 (COFO – DM) Link to forums account or @ mention - @KSI FluffyPup 7 Reasoning why they deserve this – “Kyle” as I know him deserves this award not only because he is one of the most grounded, down-to-earth people I’ve met thus far in my entire time in KSI, but also because I can always count on Kyle for an honest, transparent answer to absolutely any question/concern I bring to him. If an issue arises (no matter how large or small), Kyle handles said issue with both precision and candor. Furthermore, Kyle is extremely active as an everyday gamer, and I truly appreciate this. He takes the opportunity to stream new games on Mixer, generate frequent posts on DM’s Discord server concerning gaming news/sales, and truly enjoys engaging other members in conversations about the gaming world. Without pause (or without me even having to ask for his help), Kyle personally helped me through countless hours of Destiny 2 missions/side quests in the middle of the night. Lastly, and to better serve our Division’s officers/aspiring officers, Kyle went far above and beyond by creating a dedicated Discord server entitled KSI: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. By doing so, Kyle saved our officers countless hours by placing vital information in one easy-to-navigate area. He included dedicated channels for our Code of Conduct, Handbook, recruiting/training procedures, Division-wide rank structure (which is updated regularly), as well as forum links to roll-call, activity log, and Division notes.
  12. WESTWORLD (Season 2) - HBO Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - CNN Abandoned - Viceland Jay Leno's Garage - CNBC
  13. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag: KSI AWOL Award Desired/Needed: New Member Certified Link to forums profile: @KSI AWOL Evidence: Completed New Member Certification workshop hosted by @KSI Joe 7 on 5/20/18.
  14. Bmp's Blacklisting/Evidence

    My humble two cents: After watching those three videos, I was shocked to the core (for both the bad and the good). The bad: TL:DR, on its face, it's painfully obvious by what's said/done. The good: Whoever made the conscious decision to record those conversations on Xbox Live - ensuring the party chat overlay was turned on and switching screens to show party members - I truly thank you. Realizing the serious harm that would come about if the individuals in the videos remained unnoticed/unchecked, you made a decision and did the right thing. If you're a KSI member, you obviously know the definition of integrity and your actions reflect great credit upon yourself. We all owe you one! Fuzzy - Thanks for posting the above for members to allow for transparency from the highest levels of this community. Much appreciated. Cheers.
  15. KSI BadKitty 7 - Multiple Nominations

    Name: KSI BadKitty 7 Link to forums account: @KSI BadKitty 7 Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service Level 2 Reason-/-Evidence: I attest to this award for Kitty because she has personally impacted my KSI life by not only setting the bar (i.e. the gold standard) for Demonic Mayhem's members/officers, but, in my humble opinion, for all of KSI. Kitty reached out to me when I became an officer to personally offer her congratulations (very near the time of her own promotion to Director), and frequently continues to offer encouragement by way of checking in with me in party chats, Discord app. posts, all the way down to positive emojis in officer chats responding to my posts about new recruits and/or promoting said recruits. Outstanding Service means going above and beyond, and with Kitty, I see her do the very same every single day. Example: I've witnessed Kitty take the time to actually get to know KSI members and their respective personalities, and she takes this knowledge and applies it in any possible positive way she can. To me, Kitty embodies one of KSI's most important pillars: Never leave another KSI member behind. By and through the above, Kitty provided outstanding service to me personally, and for that I am extremely grateful.