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  1. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

    bump @Sins
  2. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

    Image: https://goo.gl/images/92861o Main Text: Apex Wolf Subtext (if any): no KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes, please Additional Comments: KSI Logo in blue and white no preference as which is an outline, apart from that see what you can do for the rest. Most Recent Past Request:
  3. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

    all good, i put it in near the holidays so no worries, take your time. much appreciate the reply though
  4. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  5. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Activity Defined

    Gamertag: KSI ApexWolf Clan Ops Rank: 4th LT What would you define as "activity"? - this would be Events like Weekend Warfare and when on Events such as Turkey Bowl and Spirit week, Div and Squad game nights put on throughout the week, hanging out with your squad and Div as well as branching out to other Divs and Squads, gaming with people "never leave another KSI member behind" when your on if your on the same game, messaging on discord and doing Roll Call. Do the expectations of activity vary by rank? How so? - Yes, as a member you need to be active and hanging out with members and Officers but you can also attend meetings, squad game nights as well as events if interested and refer people if they want to join, Officers is the above and Workshops to help member improve, running meetings for the week, posting events both by message on Xbox and on discord to inform people as well as taking part too, checking on members and dealing with situations if they arise correctly, recruiting and training members and keeping all accessible documents up to date (depending on the rank). Do we hold everyone to the same standards? - Yes and No. Yes, because everyone needs to understand and abide by the CoC even none officers, No because Officer have a higher duty compared to none Officers with the duties, none Officer are not irrelevant because rank does not speak for people, going up the ranks you have a choice to take on more responsibility and representing the community the rank just implies the responsibility depending on the level at which you stand. What should the expected activity be for these various ranks - Sergeant: Being active and attending events, game nights, meetings, referring people. Officers (SSGT, LT, CPT): all the above & Hosting meetings, Workshops, Game nights. Posting events such as WW, Season Events such as Spirit Week, being active on Discord and Forums and helping Department out if in one General: all the above & checking the Squad tag and Omega are up to date, attending/sitting in on meetings for the squad. Divisional Leadership: all the above & attending meeting for the Squads and 7s meetings, active on the Forums and doing applications. Director: attending the 7's meeting, evaluating the performance of the Div itself and 7s and as well as the squads and members, checking the forums and relaying information to the senior leadership.
  6. So You Think You Can Write - January 2019

    Who you gamed with most: @KSI Eyonia 7 Game(s) you played together most: Destiny 2 Best thing about gaming with this person: there fun, funny and brilliant Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: the Best thing about gaming with her is when you're in a game and she comes out with random funny statements, and her time helping people progress through the game. Most memorable moment gaming: the first time I ever heard her on a strike saying "nooo I'm putting my thingy in the hole", I've never forgotten it since On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 10, there great to game within general Who you gamed with 2nd most: @KSI LegateShade Game(s) you played together most: Fallout 76 Best thing about gaming with this person: they help with anything when I'm on the game, leveling, gear or generally having fun. Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: they random jump to a destination and then say you coming when you haven't. Most memorable moment gaming: being killed by On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: Who you gamed with 3rd most: @go away Game(s) you played together most: Destiny 2 Best thing about gaming with this person: helping out while doing their own stuff in game Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: funniest thing is the random comments at anytime Most memorable moment gaming: gambit games On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 10, for the random comments in game.
  7. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  8. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  9. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  10. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  11. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  12. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  13. KSI ApexWolf Xbox Gamerpic Request

  14. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Goals For 2019

    Gamertag: KSI ApexWolf Rank: 4th LT Date Recruited: 8/25/18 Personal goal(s) in KSI: How you plan to achieve it or them: Looking back as a rejoin from Sgt, I have never been sure of leadership but I have anyways wanted to work up through the ranks even when i was in the last time to a 7’s position but not so much for the rank but to learn more knowledge and know myself in that aspect and prove to myself that I can be a good leader. I believe that there is not a limit to the knowledge you gain as you improve and going up the ranks will help me see the person I am through improvement and not changing myself, regardless of rank or position. Goal(s) for your Squad: How you plan to achieve it or them: Squad wise I’d say that I want to first see the squad improve both in growth with dedicated members and activity within the squad with people getting involved with events more. I’d also like to see the continuing improvement of training of member in the Officer ranks for new people coming up. The training aspect will come with time and acquiring the workshop certification recently given to improve the squads’ overall performance for KSI’s member. Goals(s) for your Division: How you plan to achieve it or them: As a whole, this Div has been in a better place but I give credit to our Div lead KSI Eyonia 7 or Eyo as known in the squad for standing strong and stay strong for us. As I said the Division ES has seen better days but with the continued and correct training I’d love to see us gradually gain a 7’s staff again and maybe even a full squad staff for all squad including having at least one new squad (rebirth or old squad) come back to give us a balance again. Doing this would bring stability back to the Div and maybe even a more positive atmosphere again knowing what we have achieved as a Div over time. Goal(s) for your Department: How you plan to achieve it or them: Looking at joining the Graphic Department as I want to improve and get back into the logo making and photo editing for all types of design. As KSI Design Department or Graphics Department does a lot of Banner, Signature, and Profile as well as Forums pictures it gives people great choice and variety of options.
  15. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI ApexWolf Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Completed individual training for New Member Training workshop, @Hatter 7 can witness Link to Forums Profile: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/42270-ksi-apexwolf/
  16. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Eyonia 7 Forum: @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasoning - I’ve known Eyonia or Eyo as myself and many others know her since 1st captain and not long after promoted to General of Banshee, from day one to present she has always been welcoming, there to help in any situation and her training advice and wisdom has helped make me be who I am to this day as she was and still is a great mentor too me. As she has gone up through the ranks she has continually learned more and improved to become a personal inspiration, she continues to advise every day. She may not forgive people all the time but she is also willing to give them a chance depending on circumstances. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Hatter 7 Forum: @Hatter 7 Reasoning - I've only known Hatter a short time but it feels like I've known her longer, she's a fantastic people person and has brought members together and stronger with each other as a squad, her organization and leadership is an inspiration to many people and she knows how to handle problems and situation while showing a positive atmosphere and attitude for helping anyone no matter what she’s doing herself, I can see her being an even better leader down the line the more I work with her and I look forward to it. Category: 4th Captain Gamertag: KSI Pritch Forum: @KSI Pritch Reasoning - He’s has held the squad together and given me advice on multiple occasions on how to better handle matters if he were in my shoe as well as helping advise other members in the squad with personal and squad decision in their best interest to help them. He’s stepped up to the mark and anyways been open to improvement going up the ranks, since being a Lt and now Cpt he take more time to understand peoples matters and apply them where they are needed if helpful. Category: 1st Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI LegateShade Forum: @KSI LegateShade Reasoning - Legate and I started working more closely from my Promotion of Ssgt but better at Lt but he has always taken time out to chat generally or KSI wise whether it be gaming or just wanting someone to talk and get an opinion from a different perspective to you can count on him to be there if there's a situation you need a second person to check over or get advice on, see what they would do in the situation themselves. his advice being through what he has learned over the time in the Div and more specifically the Squad he's in is always helpful. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forum: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasoning - when it comes problem-solving of situations whatever it is, her communication with all parties and what's happening is great and she has the knowledge which many have learned from to take correct but yet effective steps to detail with it. She is also willing to give second chance depending on who you are and the situation as long as your willing to work with her and prove yourself too, which usually leads to improvement from the lesson.
  17. Gamer Pic Request

    Image: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=wolf&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=lnt&tbs=isz:lt,islt:2mp&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi-rpDuvo7eAhXFJsAKHS5pBMUQpwUIIA&biw=1745&bih=853&dpr=1.1#imgrc=sTR5AK6QQ5QkMM: (should be Feed the Wolf - The Cast) Main Text: Id like my Gamertag KSI ApexShadw Subtext (if any): id like the Quote: Respect is earned, Not bought KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Times New Roman in Italic Bold, KSI with a Blue outline and outside filled white, Gamer Tag and Quote in Blue to blend with the picture, with KSI in front of the picture and if possible Gamertag bottom end of the KSI text and Quote underneath KSI text. Most Recent Past Request: First Request
  18. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    cant be the best without ES! come over ES Div
  19. Gamer Pic Request

    thank you @Aztec , love it
  20. Gamer Pic Request

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    @Tavie @Dragons 7
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