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  1. Playlist Sharing

    I love the Rocket League Soundtrack to death it is absolutely amazing!
  2. So You Think You Can Write: Trick or Treat!

    So awhile back in another community I was referred to as "Mr. Reserved Seating" because one day in a Division meeting (aka Gen's meeting) my Co-Founder at the time asked us all what RS stood for which it meant Rank Suspension but me being hilarious and sometimes obnoxious (still am ) I blurted out "Reserved Seating!" and the whole party muted their mics as it was supposed to be somewhat serious and from then on my discord was Mr. Reserved Seating and I still get called that nickname by old member whom I am still friends with. I wish the nickname carried over here as it is an absolutely amazing nickname I loved! Anyways thanks!
  3. KSI October Town Hall Question Submissions (Oct. 27)

    Have there ever been thoughts of having a PS4 division or test squad? Has Overwatch ever been considered to be a squad game or has it been one in the past? What Departments do you think help most to represent KSI the best way possible to outsiders who are new to us? (Thanks, that's all! )
  4. Farewell KSI

    Happy Trails bro. You will be missed.
  5. My History

    Holy... This... This is mindblowing history
  6. Ghandi's History

    Just poking through Also your history is amazing and something I want lol
  7. What is the News Team?

    You know it's your favorite
  8. KSI FaIIout- Request

    That looks amazing! Thanks so much! Also you guys are all great it's awesome seeing the team work together.
  9. KSI FaIIout- Request

  10. Fuzzy's Meep 2: The Lost World

    O.o crazy stuff
  11. KSI FaIIout- Request

  12. KSI History Team ideas, suggestions, and questions

    Ok I have you added so all you gotta do now is hit me up
  13. DC or Marvel?

  14. Playlist Sharing

    Sweet btw I dig this idea a lot its awesome and I hope it picks up steam! It'd be cool to know what people listen to!