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  1. Do a Fortnight battle royal thing and do 2 or more rounds of it and whoever is the winner for those rounds get placed into another lobby and face off from there and whoever's last alive.
  2. Name: KSI Hype 1shot Award:Mentor Reason: He has been mentoring me for 2 weeks now and when I need something he always has an answer to what I'm asking and always supports my decisions. He always makes sure I've got something down before I do it. Like this one time I was confused about something on the CoC and it was the settings part.I said people always ask me what am I editing in my settings. And always say I really don't I could try and ask another officer. He said the reason why they are doing it is because when you are getting looked over like ur bio and location is so they make sure you have the right stuff. Im really proud he is my mentor
  3. Name: KSI Hype 1shot Award: Die Hard Reason: I've been here for a month now and when I joined he was doing pretty much all the positions like LT and CPT and even Gen. If someone wasn't doing there job he would step and do it till the job was done. He made sure all the members and officers were not trying to get them self's in trouble,make sure that people were going to gamenights or help with the new recruites on the forums. I appreciate all the hard work he does for us and I think truly he definitely deserves this award
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