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  1. are you smelling what i'm stepping in

    Welcome to KSI bro!
  2. Rainbow Six Siege! Operation White Noise and future installments!

    Hey! Sorry for not responding sooner it never showed your reply (lol). Anyways I really like how they integrate into the game and Jackal, Mira, Lesion, and Ying all were good (especially Jackal and Mira; Ying and Lesion didn't integrate that well until the White Noise operators came into play imo) but the new operators add spice to them and make the game feel fun again. I don't know what they did to the map rotation but it feels like they made it better as it is WAY more enjoyable than previous dlc/installments within siege (ex: Velvet Shell and Blood Orchid) I think the addition of more acogs with the new operators guns brings back the element of full auto sniping and fixes the lack of a full auto long range weapon (with a decent mag size) since both bandit and Jager lost their acogs. Overall Ubisoft nailed it with this and came back strong. Hope to see more replies in here as I really enjoyed responding to this. Also Potato aim for the win (Youtubers helped me get a ton better throughout my career in siege).
  3. So... What do you guys think of Operation White Noise? For me, it's instilled a new love for siege as it mixes well with Operation Blood Orchid characters who I previously thought were out of place in the game. Also if you need a team (I know I do!) to play with just say so!
  4. 777 Posts! Here is to almost 6 months on these here forums! Woot!

  5. What is the highest K/D you have gotten on any COD??

    Like a 30 and 3 on BO2 with the old DSR-50
  6. Dragons age origins

    Had a great multiplayer and I loved the gameplay and style of the game. Amazing game overall.
  7. KSI History (Ask Questions, Get Answers)

    For sure man
  8. KSI History (Ask Questions, Get Answers)

    I shall have to do that, especially with your new role! I'm also looking through older history and deciding how to go through it and make it read the best and get the most enjoyment and content out of it mainly. The history fact of the week thing is still on hold although I'd like to start it up I'd need more support on it and for now, there are a lot more projects that I should focus on but that's what happened with that as well. I'm excited about the future and especially the next like 3 months.
  9. KSI History (Ask Questions, Get Answers)

    Well, recently an Interview went up about KSI Doctor 7 and it was 2 parts (by me)! As well as an upcoming LW From The Roots about its history! We may also have some upper leadership interviews up and coming in the works wink so look for that! Besides for that stay tuned!
  10. KSI FaIIout's Signature Request!

    That's amazing dude! Thanks so much!
  11. KSI FaIIout's Signature Request!

    Type of Image/Size: Signature Image: Main Text: War... Subtext (if any): War never changes... KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: It'd be cool if scanlines could be implemented also Thanks! Most Recent Past Request:
  12. It's good to be home

    Glad to have you back!
  13. Recruiting

    @A naughty trout go to this section and fill out a join form