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  1. KSI Scorpio14 Appeal

    My intentions are just being part of the community that i really enjoyed being with. I'm not seeking rank or anything. Maybe i might wanna be a LT again someday. Right now i just wanna be able to participate in everything that KSI has to offer. The Tournaments, the meetings. And maybe I'll move up in the furture if i am brought back, but its not something i am seeking. All i want is to be part of a great community with great people and make more friends.
  2. KSI Scorpio14 Appeal

    KSI iMeShell was not a witness to the incident tears ago, she is just another character witness for me and someone to say i am not a crappy person. I have 2 other that are willing to speak on my behalf, but i don't have any witnesses to the incident 3 years ago.
  3. KSI Scorpio14 Appeal

    I don't remember saying that, i don't know what would make me say that, all i can say is now that i am clean i an a different person and thats all.i can say. I can't give you reasons or details on something that i don't even remember doing.
  4. KSI Scorpio14 Appeal

    I honestly don't remember much. I had completely forgotten i was DNH'd until my rejoin was denied. And for personal reasons i was very impaired most of my late teens to early 20's. If you want to know how i was impaired please contact me directly, i am not comfortable putting that information out on a public form. All i know for a fact is that i am a completely different person now than i was 3 years ago.
  5. KSI Scorpio14 Appeal

    Plaintiff Name: KSI Scorpio14Plaintiff Squad and Division Name: Eternal CDOfficial KSI Rank: RECName of the Leader(s) that DNH'd/blacklisted: KSI MufasaDate of being kicked out/banned: 2014Official Reason for being kicked out/banned: I don't remember Current Status (what squad or clan are you currently in): NoneWitnesses wished to be called on behalf of plaintiff (with link to their forums account): KSI Scarecrow 7 KSI iMeShellContact Information [Edited - Rags] Facebook Benjiman Sloskey Or Xbox Live