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  1. Open Topic for So You Think You Can Write Ideas

    If KSI was a anime , what would the genre be, who are the protagonist, antagonist , and side characters, and decribe the action
  2. So You Think You Can Write - October 2018

    Black Panther - KSI Galahad Why: Comes in clutch in tight situations Captain America - KSI Factzzz 7 Why: Why not, Hes a leader, fun, and all around good person Dr Strange - KSI Ronin 7 Why: He a strange one and has a reason for everything Gamora - KSI GreendayFox Why: Strong willed and courageous The Hulk - KSI Grifful Why: Always angry lol Ironman - KSI ROCKDOGG Why: Loves himself and smart, Big ego Loki - KSI Shadowz Why: In and out, doesn't stick to the plan Star-Lord (Peter Quill) - KSI Tobias 7 Why: Funny , sometimes serious most times laughing Thanos - KSI Skarzx 7 Why: Snaps his finger , andddd your outttt XD, No but he cares but doesnt show it Thor - KSI BadKitty 7 Why: Helps everyone out and risk herself foe the community
  3. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    So you see , I am in FI and that automatically are the best by default, Dont mess with us ,we are the greatest. Plus you can't spell First without FI, LETTTTSSSSS GOOOO!!!!!
  4. KSI KaistauNZ Helping Hand

    Yes ,I confrim that @Kalakoigiven me money to buy PUBG