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    Happy 4th!
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    Yes to both.
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    Yes to both.
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    Name: KSI Mystique 77 Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/5434-ksi-mystique-77/ Award-/-Achievement: Squad Splitter and Dedicated Reason-/-Evidence: While the general over Blackout HD, I assisted in the creation of Vanquish from Blackout For Dedicated, today is my 3 year anniversary as a KSI member with a gold gamertag
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    Yes to all.
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    I've got a lvl 60 GWF and working on a lvl 60 cleric.
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    This is more of a general outline of the histroy of HD and I will work on my individual encounters while in HD I was recruited into the division ET back in June of 2012, where I moved up the ranks to General of Blackout ET. With ET pushing 500 plus members, it was time for a division split. The original leaders that were supposed to create the new division were StonePulse and KingCaesar, with Iron cowboy as our director. They had both decided on the division name Harmonic Destruction and were full into plans to split the division. Kingcaesar soon became less active and it was apparent that he was not going to be a good fit, as a leader, for the new division. This left StonePulse and either Huckleberry or Gwood as the prospective leaders of HD. With Stonepulse being the founder, he was the 7 that would lead HD, but there was no clear choice between huck or gwood. They were both good friends and great leaders and neither wanted to leave the amazing division of ET. So it was left up to chance, a coin toss. Gwood lost, or won the toss, whichever way you choose to look at it. So it was set, Stonepulse and Gwood would be the first 2 7's in HD. Being a die hard member of Blackout, Gwood did not want to leave Blackout in ET, so he approached me (the general of blackout) and asked me if I would want to bring blackout to HD. I was 100% on board, seeing as how he was my best friend and mentor. So over the next weeks, the division split took place and the powerhouse of HD was born. As the division began to grow, HD needed another co-founder, so I became the first member in HD to be promoted to a 7. Blackout split soon after to Vanquish, where Worm became the general and big country took over as general of Blackout. Over the next few weeks, we had a major problem with the activity of StonePulse and getting a hold of him. He eventually stepped down and the division took off in numbers. A few months later, we had a full 7 staff of Gwood (DL), Mystique (CDL), Power (Founder) and Worm, Taywick, Illusion as the Co-Founders. It was time for another division split, so we began to lay the foundation for the division. I suggested the name Immortal Outlaws to Power and he loved it, so he named to new division IO. Power and Illusion split from HD and took 4 squads to create IO. HD soon began to jump in numbers again. We promoted Big country to co-founder, with festus taking over as general of Blackout. After 2 months or so, HD was kicking ass, so Gwood was promoted to Director. I was happy for him, but sad because we were losing the great Hucking leader I had ever known within KSI. He became our director and stayed Director for a few months (can't recall the exact time he was director for). After a while, he began to lose interest in KSI and he eventually stepped down on the night impy was promoted to senior director. It then hit me that HD would never be the same again. Cheddarbob was promoted to director to replace Gwood somtime after he stepped down and I proceeded to be the Division Leader over HD. We dealt with poaching problems and serious activity issues with call of duty Ghosts. A ridiculous amount of our division was devoted to black ops 2, with good reason. While I was division leader and Ghosts was out, we dealt with a major poaching issue. One of our trusted generals, Festus, left for Bills KSI and poached nearly the whole squad of Blackout. Festus was one of the trusted leaders in HD and it crushed us to have him betray HD. Soon after we recovered from the poaching of Bills KSI, I was promoted to Director. I was over HD during the entirety of my stay as director. During that time, HD promoted up a great leader, DC Sniper. With Worm as the division leader, HD held steady for a while. The division had its ups and downs, much like any other division. After being director for 6 months or so, I stepped down to Co-Division Leader in HD. Worm eventually stepped down and I became the Division Leader again. I helped mentor DC and worked on getting HD back to a power house. After 2 months or so, I stepped down to focus on my engineering degree and left DC as the main man in HD. ​I can genuinely say HD was my home and I will never forget the great times. I hoped this helped any of the new HD members learn a little bit more about how HD began and the leaders that have helped it thrive from day one.