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  1. AAP OTY 2014 Nomination Thread (Closing January 3rd)

    Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI TOLLY 7 Link to forums account - (mobile user) Reasoning why they deserve this - Dear lord where do I begin. Well to start, this guy has amazing leadership capabilities. He is able to lead all of his squads, and even the whole division when the situation calls for it, in harmony and in sync as to not cause any confusion with his squads. He also actually does what he asks of us, ex. If he asks us to be more active on the forums, he becomes more active than he already is ex.2 if he asks us to get more recruits, he helps us with recruiting ex.3 if he wants us to keep the recruits trained off the RCT tag in a timely manor, he helps us train the recruits. Tolly is able to keep everyone he is around calm and level headed even in the most frantic and stressful situations, probably saving all of us from getting into some major trouble. He leads by example, he shows how the leaders in WI (generals, captains, etc.) are supposed to act and if it wasn't for him, I don't think that a majority of the leaders in WI nor WI as a division would be as great as they/it are/is right now.
  2. I shall witness. KSI Lafayette 7 is an outstanding asset to WI. Multiple times taking the initiative to lead our gens when their cofos/ I (the founder of WI) was not available. Along with being a tremendous help in the forums section of things as WIs section mod, being a part of the news team, and being a part of T&E. Juggling all this while keeping all of his squad in line and and running in great status, Lafayette is most definitely an outstanding member.
  3. Winners Circle - For Prize Confirmation

    So, I won a sticker in the tie breaker....yeah!
  4. Winners Circle - For Prize Confirmation

    So, I won a sticker in the tie breaker....yeah!
  5. Official Spirit Week Forum Challenge 2014

  6. Count to a Million

  7. KSI Tax Day Challenge

    KSI REWIND 7 representing WI all day err day!
  8. KSI Lafayette MULTIPLE AWARDS (Awarded)

    I am his cofo, and I verify he is on headhunters
  9. Welcome to the forums KSI REWIND :)