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    Mmm pie

    November 5th bo2 tdm 2v2

    On November 5th we will be hosting 2v2 hardcore team death match. Please use the filloeing template. Signups will close 30 minutes before event startsDisclaimer: Must have minimum of 6 sign up for event to occur. Team captian: Teammates name: Division:
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    KSI Boo Boo

    November 5th bo2 tdm 2v2

    Team captain: KSI Boo Boo Teammate: KSIxMeatysNuts Division: DL
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    Emmy The Boss

    KSI Viper4 - KSI Mentor Award

    2/5, please keep them coming.
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    I witness for KillerKing because out of everyone I know he has done more than just what is expected. If you want to know anything he is the person to ask, what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing. If anything needs doing, he is the person that gets it done. When I recruited KillerKing I thought that he was gunna be a good fit for the squad (LEGEND LS) I have since seen him go above and beyond in everything that he has done. A while ago I was having problems with life, he was there for me and not just as a Gen, but as a friend. If anyone deserves this award, then KillerKing is the one who deserves it most.
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    November 5th bo2 tdm 2v2

    Team captian: KSI Serbian22 Teammates name:KSI Blackd3vil Division maximum punishment
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    KSI Silence 7

    November 5th bo2 tdm 2v2

    Team captian: KSI Th3 Sil3nc3 Teammates name: KSI I See Stars Division: Maximum Punishment
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