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  1. Team Captain: VonnersWrath Division:WD Teammate: KSI March Division: WD Teammate:KSIGuardian Division: WD
  2. Team Captain: VonnersWrath Division: ES Teammate: Division: Teammate: Division: Teammate: Division:
  3. Team Captain: KSI Fear 7 Division: ES Teammate: KSI Dea7hw15h Division:ES
  4. Team Captain: KSI IronLord Division: ES Teammate: KSI TyraTreXxus Division : DM
  5. I'm getting  real tired of favoritism 

  6. Team Captain: KSI Vonner 7 Division: ES Teammate: KSI Kinslayer Division: ES
  7. Team Captain: KSI Vonner 7 Division: ES Teammate: KSI Dabbasaur Division: ES
  8. Team Captain: KSI Vonner 7 Division:ES Teammate: KSI Frybread Division:ES Teammate: KSI OddBa11 Division:Es
  9. Team Captain Gamertag: KSI Vonner 7 Division: ES Teammate Gamertag: KSI Pathfinder Division:ES
  10. Gamertag- KSI Vonner 7 Link to forums-https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/16509-ksi-fear-meta-7/ Award- 2019 Donor Reason/evidence- I'm currently a subscriber on Twitch KSIlive since before spring break
  11. I would like to close this topic (new one will be posted later in the month
  12. The split happened right before labor day weekend since we didnt have meeting notes on that day
  13. Here this will be better CRYSIS MEETING NIGHT 8/9/14 ATTENDANCE : KSI VONNER META KSI Okami Df98 KSI staticshock KSI Alucard 484 KSI Batman 2014 KSI Clearest KSI soe Olcott KSI Buffalo Wing KSI Foxie KSI Icewolf KSI ToxicRain General black Knightxrush Notes: - to all members make sure your privacy settings are good, ( profile sharing set to everyone, friends list to friends only) Also when u recruit new members remember to tell them when going through the procedure. - all recerts for teams are over for this month, if u have any questions on teams contact these members for that team, or our general KSI HATTER87, Forge team- KSI Vonner Meta Swat/snipers team- KSI North Dakota Regal team- KSI Espeon Slayer team- KSI Batman 2014 Objective team- KSI DollFace Headhunters team- KSI Alucard 484 Race team- KSI Static Shock Grifball team- KSI Bosheasy - their will be a tournament coming up for halo 4, this Saturday at 7pmest ( rocket launcher) it will be 2v2, team sign ups start now to Saturday to sign up contact KSI hatter87 and KSI vonner meta. -lock down is still in affect so every time u get online and go to a party or game make sure they are set on invite only. -tonight after the meeting their will be a Sgt workshop meeting on recruiting procedures. no promotions made this week Rank Structure (Simplified) Recruit - Get Trained Private - Get Active Corporal - Get Recruiting Sergeant - Get on the Forums Staff Sergeant - Get out there Training Leiutenant - Vonner Meta - DollFace- Prince Ice- Lady Artemis Captain - Static Shock- Bosheasy- Skarmory - Espeon General- hatter87 Co-Founder - KSI Tolly 7, KSI Lafayette 7 Founder - N/A Co-Division Leader - N/A Division Leader - KSI 30thMidget Director - KSI Bacchus 7
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