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    I'm a metal head, I love Metallica, in flames, children of bodom, atreyu, bullet for my valentine, as I lay dying, all that remains, and many more lol. Games include destiny, Call of duty, fallout, any Bethesda game really, halo, assassins creed, well how about I just edit this if I play a game I don't like! Oh and I also cannot wait for the game No Mans Sky to be released. If you don't know what that is, YouTube it, you will be excited to! :)
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  1. KSI ticklemeplz trained me to be ready for a staff Sargent promotion if the squad sees fit. For three whole days he trained me, answered every single question I had and quizzed me to make sure I knew everything. He even texted me while on a camping trip and continued to guide me though everything. He's an incredible member of KSI and a great friend too!!!!
  2. i really love KSI! you guys are incredible and I'm so happy that KSI MasterVader swooped in like a hawk and recruited me:) lol

  3. Welcome to the forums KSI RedsMustDie :)

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