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  1. I can witness this award coles always been a great leader, who is always there for everyone, weather it be a problem or they just want to talk to someone. cole has always been an inspiration of mine t be an officer and go up the rank structure. I've Known Cole since November 22 2012 and with out him around TW would be half the Division it is now.
  2. Name: Etwaun 531 KILLJOY TW Link to Forums Account:http://www.ksiforums.org/user/9576-etwaun-531/ Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore Hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: i have 25,798 gamerscore as of now
  3. Hello I'm KSI Etwaun 531 (aka ET) I am the captain for my squads Grifball teams (APEX/A team and Reborn/B team) were looking for some good fun competion. If your interested in a battle my Gamertag is KSI Etwaun 531 send me either a message on the forums or a message on Xbox live.
  4. Name: KSI Etwaun 531 Killjoy TW Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/9576-etwaun-531/ Award-/-Achievement: Grifball award and Gamerscore hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: i am currently the captain of the grifball team in killjoy. i also have 25,748 Gamerscore.
  5. Director Gamertag: KSI Roman 7 (TW) link to forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/989-ksi-roman-7/ Reasoning: just in january i met the person who ive heard great things about from cole, payton and many others, and the expirence of meeting him didn't disappoint. hes a funny and serious guy, who puts his own time aside to organize random squad matches between TW and other various divisions. Co-Division leader Gamertag KSI Cole 7 (TW) Link to forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/4809-cole/ Reasoning: Cole was the first person i met in KSI. he was active with me when i was a recruit. him me and KSI payton gave me the true KSI expirence, we all teamed up to beat HALO 4 on legendary difficulty with out that expirence and activity with those 2 i would probably have left KSI when i joined. hes a great leader who me and everyone else in killjoy and probably the rest of TW look up to. General Gamertag KSI Payton link to forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/3148-ksi-payton/ Reasoning: payton is a great influence to the rest of Killjoy who doesn't just do the duitys of a general, he also puts time into playing with everyone in the squad, corporals, privets , sergeants and officers. hes almost always active with the squad hes also a great influence on me and the rest of the officer staff. hes put a smile on my face through the worst days. hes a great leader and friend who undoubtedly deserves general of the year. Captain Gamertag: KSI Killaflow (2ndCPT/ Killjoy TW) link to forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/9549-ksi-killaflow/ Reasoning: Killaflow. the guy who was recruited, then the next week recruited 20 members to killjoy. the guy who was recruited after me but became an officer 4 weeks before i did. he is the best officer I've ever met though. lately I've tried to model my officerness after him, but its hard. killaflow has put in so much work for this squad. wither it be recruiting, training being active, telling us what were doing wrong, and praising us for what we do right. a couple weeks ago we had a minor disagreement but hes the kind of officer that no matter how mad you get at him you still have tons of respect for him. hes going to be a fantastic general. i remember the jeliousy i had for him when i saw he became a 4th LT before I did. i'm still jelious of his rank. but just a couple days ago i realized that he undoubtedly is the best officer ive ever met. so he defiantly deserves captain of the year.
  6. Haven't talked to cole in forever!!:(:(:'(

  7. happy wars game night saturday for any KSI members 8ET/7CT

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