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Community Wide BO4 Blackout Duos tournament 1/31/20

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Tournament Rules & Regulations:

this tournament will be an online, time based challenge in which teams will be given 2 hours to accrue as many points as possible

Points will be awarded in the following quantities:

Top 3 Placement: 1 Point

Top 2 Placement: 2 Points

Blackout Win: 5 points

Additionally, 1 point will be awarded for every team member that gets 5+ Kills. 2 Points will be awarded per member that gets 10+ Kills

In order to record results as truthfully possible, Team Captains are required to do the following:

All team Captains must have the T&E hosts added as a friend and have their timeline settings set to view able by all

All after match reports that would gain the team points must be screenshot via xbox. This will put it on their timeline with a time stamp for judges to confirm the screenshots authenticity.

IF YOU DO NOT SCREEN SHOT YOUR STATS: Tournament Hosts will not award your team points. Period. No "check my stream" or any other excuse. You are liable for your own record keeping. 

Whatever team has the most points at the end of the tournament will be the victors.


Please use the following format:




Team 1:

1. Team Captain:

2. Gamertag of Rep:



Team 2:

1. Team Captain:

2. Gamertag of Rep:




***This will be a time based event with scoring based on placement and kills earned.***

KSI cannot control game lag, or any teams connection status.


*note* there will be prizes given for 1st 2nd and 3rd place overs

1st= $20 amazon gift card

2nd= $10 amazon gift card 

3rd= gamertag change or equivalent in Xbox gift card

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