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MW GunFight Core - DTC Event Bracket Link

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Bracket system for the Tournament! Winner of each round must reach back out to me Xbox Gamertag KSI Rogue 7 or Discord is KSI Rogue 7#3910.
Match is first to 6, 2v2 Gunfight Core settings.

Round 1 (Atrium)

Round 2 - Sweet Sixteen (Bazaar)

Round 3 - Elite 8 (Cargo)

Round 4 - Final Four (Docks)

Last Round - Championship (King)


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Congratulations to the winners Bio Zhi and YoureUnderFire of the MW 2v2 Gunfight Core. Each of you receive a $20 Xbox Gift Card. Thank you for participating.
Also good game to the runner-ups KSI NAHFOOL and KSI LostHyperen.

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