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COD tournament Warzone BIG Prizes

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Hello KSI,

My name is KSI xHostile. I am a Sergeant in Templar squad within Sovereign Legacy. I talked to a number of people to get this tournament approved and this is where I'll lay out the details. It'll be a multi-phase tournament but the last phase is a single run warzone tournament. Depending upon how many people sign up we will need to do preliminary team deathmatches on Call of Duty Modern Warfare where we will take the best based off of score over the course of multiple games to move onto the warzone phase, as we will only have the best 12 people move on to the warzone tournament itself. 

The date will be January 24th at 7pm EST. It will run as long as it has to until a winner is decided. 

The prize is the winner's choice between.- https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Headsets/Wireless-Headsets/VIRTUOSO-RGB-WIRELESS-High-Fidelity-Gaming-Headset/p/CA-9011181-NA or https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/xbox-one/accessories/headsets/products/arctis-9x-wireless-gaming-headset-for-xbox-one/176918.html?msclkid=0ce51e1c5fb31661a25d7e1cbeefdfe1&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Tinuiti_BNG_NB_PLA_New&utm_term=4582558320189652&utm_content=New&gclid=0ce51e1c5fb31661a25d7e1cbeefdfe1&gclsrc=3p.ds However, if we have more than 20 sign up we will have a secondary prize of a KSI jersey.

Sign ups: You can reply here to sign up or message me here, through xbox, or through Discord, as I will be building the roster. This post will also be put up on discord. My discord is Mrrobot5001 and my Xbox account is KSI xHostile.  Sign ups close at 11:59pm January 23rd. 

What I need: I need judges to watch performance of the final 12 and to host team deathmatch lobbies dependent upon how many sign up. If you wish to judge just send me a message. Now, If you're interested in competing and judging then that is fine. We will work it out to make it possible.  


1.Must have the capability to stream and show performance with one of judges. You can use your phone's facetime, twitch, ect... just as long as a judge verifies score and performance.

2. Warzone stats will be calculated by damage, kills, and victory placement. 

-1st place= 50 points 2md place- 25 points 3rd place= 10 points. Every 500 damage done is 5 points and every kill is 10 points

3. If you lose connection there is no redo

4. If the judge loses connection then there will be one redo if the judge is unable to secure video connection before the game ends. 

5. Disclaimer- As I have to send these headphones and jersey out. The winner and just the winners will need to send me their address at time of victory. If there are any questions then feel free to post in open forum or message me privately.

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