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Welcome to KSI’s Web Ops Hall of Fame nomination process! This process will run similarly to KSI’s “Of the Month” and “Of the Year” awards, but with some minor tweaks.

You will only be able to nominate one (1) person in Web Ops per time, so please choose wisely. To be eligible, the nominee must meet the following baseline criteria:

1)     Must currently be in Web Ops.

2)     Must be in Web Ops for at least six (6) months.

3)     Must be in KSI for at least one (1) year.

4)     Not been blacklisted, security risked, or DNH’ed unless successfully appealed and overturned.

5)     Must have KSI gamertag.

Please make sure those criteria are met. You can confirm that criteria by visiting their profile and looking at their awards tab, or by asking the person you are nominating.

When the nomination process ends, AAP will confer and select up to two (2) inductees for Web Ops. They may choose less depending on testimony and evidence provided. Previous OTM/OTY/Award nominations will be considered when going over nominations.

This process will happen twice a year: 1) at Fall Classic in September and 2) Spring Break in March. You will only be allowed to nominate a person in Web Ops. You can’t vote, if you are not active within Web Ops.

Please fill out the following to nominate someone for the Web Ops Hall of Fame:


Information on Nominee:

Link to Profile:


Nominee’s Current Rank:
Has Nominee been in Web Ops for at least six (6) months?
Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year?



Why does this member belong in the Web Ops Hall of Fame? Please explain.

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  • Chief Operating Officer

Gamertag: KSI DarkAngel 7
Link to Profile: @KSI DarkAngeI 7


Nominee’s Current Rank: Senior Moderator
Has Nominee been in Web Ops for at least six (6) months? Yes
Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes

Awards:  Forum Staff OTM, Forums Novice, Newb, Rookie, Devoted, Dedicated, Committed, Double Trouble, Own Staff Award


Why does this member belong in the Web Ops Hall of Fame? DarkAngel has been around Web Ops for a while but her dedication to the area is something that is admirable I can recall the initial months of her tenure in Web Ops and she was definitely was one of the go getters in the area I definitely recall never having to correct her on Web Ops issues which that hard work that led to her promotion to Senior Join Mod now this is where she did hit a little bit of a rough point but dark was constantly in contact with me and trying to figure out ways she can remain active and not fall inactive and ways she could better herself which she did and did those things exceptionally well and even though she got skipped by some other people in promotions she never let that prevent her from being an impact in the area which now leads her to next promotion of Forums Moderator and even though she was a Join Moderator she wanted to Branch out to the other area of Web Ops which was GSM and even though that area is no longer around Dark was definitely something that area needed always promoting positivity and activity and was the main person to get with one GSM who was special needs and those two working together brought forth some of the best work in that section of the forums now Dark is a Senior Moderator and essentially my right hand woman for Web Ops at this point even though she works these crazy hours she's always available to chat about issues and ideas and such Web Ops is a vital point to the community and she is an important part and aspect of that she definitely goes above and beyond for the staff ensuring everything is running smoothly and accurately which I strongly feel  is deserving of her induction to the Web Ops Hall of Fame so with that being said i do wanna tell her thank you for all the hard work and dedication she puts in the area and I'm definitely grateful for her being here

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