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The mans been there over the years that has seen me at my best and my worst, Fuzzy is one of the people i think of when i say i have grown as a person. when i joined KSI i had alot of issues with anger and drinking and self harm. Trust goes along way...in the last 12 years there havent been many people i can say that i can trust with knowing how to mess with me...you're one of the few people i know who has my trust 100% <3 youre freaking awesome to the point if you can make my arrogant butthead'd self give a damm...then you're far more worthy of respect than i said man...if i had a brother in KSI it would be a tie between you and chaos.


you're always going to be somebody that deserves respect both as a friend and somebody who quite bluntly will tell you to your face what your weakest points are and how to grow past them. youre a awesome man which i say from the bottom of my heart....i wish you all the best in life.


if i didnt trust you i wouldnt have givin you the leadership group for the destiny group........god help me on this one but youre a fantastic person which i mean to the fullest....and you're one of the few people i check on even when im sick.


Chaos 7:

he was one of my old generals....and has seen me at my lowest moments in KSI.....the guys awesome i give him alot of crap but the guy has deserved this for along time: thank you and sorry for the amount of headaches i have givin you.





If you find somebody in KSI you trust that have seen you at your highest and your lowest....trust me when i say.

If theres somebody in KSI you trust to the fullest its because they have seen you at your best and worst and they know what its like to be in that dark place when life throws dirt in your face and tries to push you down into that dark place we dont want to be in....then trust me when i say. Everybody in KSI has been in that place where it feels like everythings breaking and wont hold together....but guess what we have survived it not because of just a couple people....we survive as leaders because of the members who we bend over backwards for trying to make them see the potential to surpass all of us old people....and im a pretty sadistic old man at heart....so when i say it.

if you have somebody you trust and know that you can ask them for advice.....dont hide it. the reason you trust them is because they see the thing in yourself that you havent noticed.....they see that you one day will do better than themself.

and as somebody who has their share of issues.......trust me when i say Its hard even after 12 damm years for me to tell these guys how damm much i love and respect them....the first thing i did when i found out about news from my mum when it was relating my grandma's health was to talk to people who my heart said be open with them.....and if somebody had told me 12 years ago id be concerned about other people id have laughed.....the fact im sitting here writing a borderline novel about just how much people can make you want to do better. ...if they can make me grow and be open and to trust people...then yes....they damm well earnt the respect that came with that trust.

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KSI has History, be it with games, new consoles or time with friends and having a laugh or a rage out over cheating campers....but there's always been something people take for granted, The People who make it. The things KSI have given each of the people who make it long enough to learn are pure and simpl. Friends and family.
Im not going to list off rankings that got me and others into dark places and out of those places back into the light is because of one simple thing, THE MEMBERS.

I am not Flawless nor will I ever claim to be, when I joined KSI back in 2010, it was because I was bored and a friend of mine asked me simple question want to come join this and play games with people? I have been a member of KSI nearly 13 years playing with people, seeing people come and go learning and growing or just chilling out with people. People who have known me during that time period have known me mostly as easily angered drunken jackass.
I have been sober for 5 years and counting...not because of therapy or peer pressure But because of the group of Friends I made over the years who have supported me and kicked me in the butt when its been needed told me that they know I can do better and be better even if its just 1 step at a time.

My greatest personal achievement in KSI to this day isnt making A Squad-split or a Division-split or making it to the Board of Directors...it's a far more simple thing...asking for help even when its something as simple as a shoulder to cry on.

KSI isnt made by awards or donations its the Astounding people Inside it....even some of the old age guys like KSI fuzzymeep 7, KSI Chaos 7, KSI Greg 7, KSI QueenJess7, KSI Venum 7, KSI Swag77. Those are to name a few of the friends who have seen me in some of the darkest places.
My choice to want to return to being more active is because I keep seeing people who think its so easy to Run KSI and make thier own clans using things they take from here, along with seeing friends hurting trying to hold everything together and not ask for help, even after 10 years and counting I know that if i need somebody who knows how bad things can be I know who i can turn to for advice or even a kick in the butt when needed......

KSI has its foundations in Supporting and being social with each other....like it or not we're all family maybe not by blood but we are.
When you know somebody in your family is hurting the most important thing is quite simply this, SUPPORT.

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