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WD FC 2024 DHoF Nominations

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Welcome to KSI’s Divisional Hall of Fame nomination process! This process will run similarly to KSI’s “Of the Month” and “Of the Year” awards, but with some minor tweaks.

You will only be able to nominate one (1) person in your division per time, so please choose wisely. To be eligible, the nominee must meet the following baseline criteria:

1)     Must currently be in the division they are being nominated for.

2)     Must be in the division for at least six (6) months.

3)     Must be in KSI for at least one (1) year.

4)     Not been blacklisted, security risked, or DNH’d unless successfully appealed and overturned.

5)     Must have KSI gamertag.

Please make sure those criteria are met. You can confirm that criteria by visiting their profile and looking at their awards tab, or by asking the person you are nominating.

When the nomination process ends, AAP will confer and select up to three (3) inductees per division. They may choose less depending on testimony and evidence provided. Previous OTM/OTY/Award nominations will be considered when going over nominations.

This process will happen twice a year: 1) at Fall Classic in September and 2) Spring Break in March. You will only be allowed to nominate a person in YOUR division. You cannot nominate a member of another division, or if you are not active within Clan-Ops.

Please fill out the following to nominate someone for Divisional Hall of Fame:


Information on Nominee:

Link to Profile:


Nominee’s Current Rank:
Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months?
Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year?



Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Please explain.

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