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  1. Show Your Spirit

    GZ #1!!! REPRESENTING my baby !! Woot woot !! <33 Where PMA started
  2. What's the last movie you watched?

    ELF :')
  3. One year anniversary in KSI :') <3

  4. Happyy birthdayy to ME <3 ;D

  5. Favorite Video Game Music?

    Lol going for a boss in Legend Of Zelda. The music was intense ;o
  6. Good or Evil?

    Every game I've ever enjoyed usually is a good guy. so GOOD
  7. Proud of all my GZ peeps! <3

  8. Your Favorite Band?

    Mine would be Iron Maiden :D
  9. Favorite Books

    A child called it.
  10. What is your Favorite thing to do when not Gaming?

    Reading or watching anime.
  11. Mic is broken until Friday -_- Anyone who needs me feel free to message me through here.

  12. What songs are you listening to?
  13. What songs are you listening to?

    Ellie Goulding-Lights <3