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  1. KSI Instakill51 for trainer award (Awarded)

    I'll say yes.
  2. KSI THOR 7 Multi Award (Denied)

    OS Lv 1 - I'm holding off for one more witness (a good witness with description) Mentor - 1/5
  3. KSI V00D00's Multi-Award Nomination (Awarded)

    Dramaqueen: Yes Mentor: 3/5 Committed: Yes
  4. KSI Killaflow (multiple) awards (Awarded)

    Yeah what this fool said.
  5. KSI Cannibal 7 - Outstanding Service Silver (Awarded)

    Yeah I agree. I would like to see another statement from upper leadership.
  6. KSI Osiris v1 Multi Awards (2/3 Awarded)

    Member Assistance: Yes Gamerscore Hoarder: Witness, please. KSI Mentor: 1/5

    Trainer - Need Witnesses Member Assistance - Need Witnesses OS Lvl 1 - Need witnesses. Let's go peeps!
  8. KSI Aztec 7 Nomination (awarded)

    Die Hard - I'll say yes.
  9. Show Your Spirit

    Did I mention that SH has you suckers all beat?
  10. Does nobody else take Poop seriously around here anymore?! Ugh. Going to bed.

  11. SH Socialist Prison party

    KSI Jiggy 7 reporting for duty. I shall fight to the death!
  12. Show Your Spirit

    I think you're all mistaken, and should drop out now because SH is here to kick some butt and take names!!
  13. KSI Killaflow (multiple) awards (Awarded)

    Mentor: Yes OS lvl 2: I am on the verge of saying yes, but would like to see one more reputable response that's really good.
  14. KSI Greg 7 OS LV 1/2 Nomination (Awarded)

    Os Lvl 1: Yes OS Lvl 2: More witnesses please
  15. KSI Cannibal 7 - Outstanding Service Silver (Awarded)

    More witnesses, and more descriptive answers please.