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  1. DC or Marvel?

    It's a tough choice but in terms of comic books I'm gonna have to go with marvel.
  2. Ghandi's History

    Had a lot of good times in XD and SF with ya bud. When we were in SF it was like a whole different atmosphere than the rest of KSI at the time.
  3. What Is In Your Garage?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, fully loaded . I miss my 95 Camaro though
  4. Favorite Movie?

    Fight Club such a classic IMO. Also one of my favorite Brad Pitt flicks.
  5. So I just read some articles that Netflix has released Luke Cage season 2 photos. In one of the photos (attached below) is a picture of Luke and Danny Rand. So many are speculating that season 2 might feature an episode or two where Iron Fist and Luke Cage have a sort of Heros for Hire type arch from the comics. I think it if they do that it would be dope, and I'm just glad to see Luke and Danny teaming up again, because I wasn't sure we'd see them team up again until Defenders season 2 (if they make a season 2).
  6. Welcome to the forums I are Camaro :)