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      KSI Turkey Bowl   10/31/2017

      Hello, KSI Turkey Bowl is set and we have days, times, and events! Each day will have two events, both starting at 8 p.m. EST! T&E will be hosting each tournament, and sign-ups will be posted in the Turkey Bowl Forums Section! http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/366-turkey-bowl/ The winner(s) of each tournament will receive a prize that is yet to be determined. Keep your ears out for prize announcements. --- Schedule November 24th: (8pm EST x2) •Halo 5 - Swat: 2v2 1.
      •Karaoke - Current Top 100 (Skype) November 25th: (8pm EST x2) •Rocket League - 2v2
      •Overwatch Mystery Heroes November 26th: (8pm EST x2) •CoD WW2 - FFA
      •Prominence Poker - (1,000 chip buy in) --- Twitch Sub Club If you haven't donated and wish to, please Subscribe to KSILive, KSI's Twitch Channel! https://twitch.tv/ksilive During the final day of the event, the only day with a central hub party, we will be doing the Twitch Sub Lottery! For every $5 donated through a Twitch subscription since Fall Classic, you will receive 1 ticket in the lottery. **The winner of this drawing will get a free digital game download of your choice!** Remember, if you don't Subscribe, you can't win! And of course, a $5 donation for a possible $60 game seems like a good deal. -- KSI Award Show This is also a good time to mention KSI's Award Show, which will be one of the first two weekends of January 2018. There we will announce the KSI 2017 'Of the Year' winners. The OTYs will be open from November through mid-December in the AAP Section. http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/82-aap/ This will be the next KSI event and the next opportunity to win a Twitch Sub Lottery!


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  2. Divisional YouTube Channels - Should we have them?

    A decision was made about this long ago, We value the community input but the leaders are choosing to stick to their original answer of not allowing it. Should divisions wish to share their content, they simply could message someone from productions for it to be posted on our Channel or they can just join the team =D. KSI is one community, therefore one channel is sufficient enough to share all our work. Closed.
  3. Sign ups Karaoke Night

    Infinite Kaos 1. Sensith - Skype: Unknown dæthKnight 2. Sanlastus - Skype: Alec.espalin
  4. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2016!!!!! Redo

    IK here!
  5. Sign ups Halo 5 Swat Saturday June 25th

    Infinite Kaos Team Captain: KSI Proksimitee KSI FireFist 7 KSI Dr Oracle xlcor ssj10
  6. Sign Ups Halo Reach Multi Team Friday June 24th

    Infinite Kaos Team Captain: KSI Neon Fade Team Members: KSI ArticFrost xlcor ssj10
  7. Admin Request Box

    If anyone needs help from an admin. Please just post below and be patient.
  8. I didn't know if you already had pictures for spirit week and I am not a part of the design team but I wanted to make a few just in case. 



    1. Warrior x Ace

      Warrior x Ace

      Can you delete this? Lol won't let me

  9. How much ram do you have?

    I have 8, i find it good enough for me.
  10. Marketing Team Request

    Awesome, thanks Dan! I'll go into more detail once I get to work and I am on a computer.
  11. Hello Graphic Artist, as some of you may know, the marketing department has a project going on to bring more attention to KSI through social media and game specific forums. What we require is different kind of Art from you guys. Could be anything related to KSI such as a new style KSI logo or makes a piece of custom art that says KSI. We would also like custom Sigs that will attract attention with its beauty or cool style. All Marketing members will be required to use them as they browse different forums. Something that will make a random member click it and that will redirect them to our main site. We would also like sigs that will say our KSI motto which was selected by the BoD. Either "For Gamers By Gamers" or "Game with the Best, Play with the Rest". We will like as many as you will be willing to make. We wanna keep it fresh and new on those different sites to show them what KSI has to offer with its talented GFX Artist. If it is not too much to ask for can this just be left open so that artist can continue to submit different work for marketing? We ask that this be done on your own time and by no means we areasking you to make this a priority over your other jobs you may have but will really appreciate all work you are willing to do for us. I will be pinning the topic so it wont get buried under other requests if that is okay =) Cru
  12. Happy birthday!!! :)

  13. Where's the cake 

  14. i tried this game out and was just lost and traveled too much!