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  1. Love your Picture ^.^ and kik name Cx Huskies :heart: ahh lol

  2. Xbox One Halo Team

    If you like I can play some. GT: KSI Humphrey
  3. New to KSI (Thunderstorm)

    Sweet I hope u enjoy KSI like I have feel free to send me a friend request Gamer Tag is Dont Hug Cacti I play both Halo 4 and Black Ops 2
  4. Furian

    Welcome back Furian.
  5. Hello KSI

    Welcome to the forums Pikachu. I hope you enjoy all of us awesome people
  6. Left 4 dead 2 squad/game nights? (dead topic)

    I have never played the game but.... that doesn't mean its a bad idea talk to ur GEN about it see what he thinks. Who knows maybe he will like it and it could get popular. Good Luck
  7. Welcome to the forums ksi-humphrey :)

  8. KSI TDOGG 7 Award many (Awarded)

    TDOGG has helped me when i needed it the most many times even when i was no longer in his Division and was bummed out about something he was there . He is one of my mentors and i am proud to be one of his many recruits he deserves all these awards.
  9. Dog

    well hello there KSI Dog. You want to join our community? What kind of game you play Halo Reach or MW3?
  10. Humphrey Award (Awarded)

    Name: (Member-/-Squad-/-Division of the person you are nominating)KSI Humphry/Silence/SR Link to Forums Account:http://www.ksiforums...ser/1946-furry/ Award-/-Achievement: (The award you are nominating this person for) FORUM ADDICT Reason-/-Evidence: (Please give reasons to why this person is deserving of the award you are nominating them for) I have 1009 posts and 26 days put on the forums
  11. Hello KSI, Glad to be here!!

    welcome to my squad hope u enjoy it
  12. Happy Birthday

    Happy B-Day Cero and Jiggy I Love u Cero
  13. Sup

    Welcome to KSI Lincoln AKA PixelStorm. You can change your name to whatever you like just make sure its appropriate. If you play Halo Reach or COD Black Ops you can hit me up GT: KSI Humphrey
  14. KSI Humphrey Awards (Awarded)

    Thanks to all that people that vouched for me. As for Hot Topic do those topics count or are they spam topics