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  1. You must get me.... a SHRUBBERRY!!! (nuh nuh nuh neeeaaaaooowww)

  2. I'm vouching for KSI Neo Storm as a mentor, He is not my mentor but I have seen through a numorous amount of times he's done it I have seen plenty enough to assure you. Neo is a good mentor. Fully consious of mind. ~LoLMaN
  3. It has come to my knowledge that you smell of fried dingleberries... That is all

  4. It has come to my knowledge that you smell of fried dingleberries... That is all

  5. Name:KSI LOLMAN -1 KSI SWrightsell -2 KSI MEATALHEAD 7 -3 KSI Hedless Ven -4 KSI BEEFARONI -5 KSI Gorter -6 KSI Charizard -7 KSI D3ATHKN1GHT -8 Award-/-Achievement: Swat team Reason-/-Evidence: I am the Swat team leader, these people are on my team.
  6. Name: KSI Flareon Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: General of the Month Award Reason-/-Evidence: This General has gone out of her way repeatedly to help the squad, and be the best she can be. Flareon understands who needs help or any question answered and does her best to assist that person. I am one of the people she has helped and she goes through everything so this person (me) understands what they're doing, or answers fully their questions to the best of her abilities. KSI Flareon is an outstanding General and she deserves the General of the Month Award
  7. KSI Greg954 is a poop for calling me the Lolcookiemonster

    1. ✙LOLMAN✙


      Tho I do admit that I owe some cookies around town

    2. KSI Greg 7 ™
    3. ✙LOLMAN✙


      in my defense............ well...... ummmm...... yeh and thats why I'm not a cookie monster....

  8. OK so that didn't work... How about. REGARDLESSS my fav. band is Skillet
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