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  1. anyone scared of Ebola?

    yeah I guess there was a case of ebola in Pickerington ohio not far from me
  2. New To KSI

    welcome to KSI
  3. Favorite C.O.D. Game

    I still have cod4 if anyone wants to play sometime hit me up on XBL
  4. Old Idea

    I agree that the video training is a worry that it will become the norm but there is no replacement for one on one training. the video training needs to be used hand in hand with the one on one training by the leaders and or mentors. if this going to work that has to be understood
  5. Old Idea

    I would agree with that
  6. Old Idea

    well you guys know these days the younger generation (no offense) would take the time to watch a video rather than read the required info. it is ultimately up to the upper leadership
  7. anyone scared of Ebola?

    yeah its been reported in Pickerington ohio only miles away from me
  8. Movies to check watch!

    would like to see the new movie FURY
  9. DoC's Clinic

    I have concussion and having some short term memory problems not all the time just once in a while
  10. DoC's Clinic

    Hey Doc, I have a question for ya. I just recently got a major concussion what is the recovery time of something like that?
  11. Hello All

    Saiyan you can always hit me up with Questions you know this and the other 7s in the division also
  12. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    sorry don't have any idea whats in the works on here lol just trying to give a hand Doc
  13. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    ok sorry but it is good idea
  14. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    have founder,co-div, div leader or director witness for the award would that work?